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Bindu deliver him positivity by means of announcing that God will simply assist us, in spite of everything the whole lot goes via his desire. Kangana’s father try to provide an explanation for Kangana that chances are very much less. Like pschyo and obsessed character she says that she need to grab Amar from Bindu, earlier than its too overdue, so promise me to Amar’s operation. Her father is helpless, and assures her that they shall grasp Amar soon.

Kangana’s father inform Amar’s own family all of the things by explaining that there are most effective 2% risk for high-quality end result they need to take decision fast. Amar seconds him and take Bindu outside and talk to her. Amar tell Bindu that he has always harm you and my own family immediately or in a roundabout way, now I want that what’s your decision? As I want to consider on the factor on which you consider!! Bindu smiles and Kangana fumes.

Prathna and Viraj: – Viraj wash Ring and says to Prathna that even i’m bad and this ring is likewise synthetic, and ask her will you marry me, whose father is enterprise tycoon of Parimal industries? just than tea dealer come and tea fall on Viraj. educate arrives and Prathana is going to board it. Viraj follows her in ladies compartment, in which other girls scold him and are about to beat him, while Prathna prevent them and inform Viraj that she will tie him along with her for existence long, accepting his love and marriage suggestion and ask him to make him put on ring! Viraj try and find and notice it on fringe of train, he cautiously take it and is set to make her wear slowly but get jerk which lead ring to move in her hand. each person claps.

Prathana get name and the individual tell that they’ve selected her for process in their organization, through clearing that question to proportion antique corporation scerets turned into just take a look at, complete joining formalities. Prathana get happy and inform everything to Viraj. He too get glad and ask for kiss on cheek.. each arrive home and take blessings of elders and Puneeth jokes with him. Viraj’s father arrive in Prathna locality and newshounds surround him. journalists ask about prathana family from viraj’s father and marriage dates, however he deny.

Meghna and Mandar: – Meghna scold her kids by doing away with her frustration, when baba asks about her problem. Meghna inform him that jyoti is prepared to break her children future but is not geared up to take help from me; she isn’t preserving her ego apart. Meghna further add by way of saying that Jyoti is stubborn and no longer know-how that something i am doing is higher for every body, in any case it’s no longer awful to rise up from modern-day living and everybody regard and respect money in nowadays’s existence.

Baba attempt to give an explanation for her that, we are able to’t explain everybody till they recognise, as their eyes are covered with garments {circuitously explaining Meghna}. Mandar ask Why Jyoti changed Manish school? whilst jyoti interrupts him via telling that there’s court hearing after three years and legal professional charges is high. simply than Meghna say that you shouldn’t have left swapana clothes and you would have money for each matters. Jyoti says that she is telling her for remaining time that now not to intrude in my life. If for yourself-admire you may start business, so i can go away for my self-admire. Meghna repeat that money is the entirety and anybody regrad and respect money and shortly all people will understand.

Precap: Bindu inform Meghna about Prathana accepting Viraj inspiration.

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Ladies Special 26 April 2019
Ladies Special 26th April 2019
Ladies Special 26 April
Ladies Special 26th April


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