Ladies Special 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amar tells Bindu that he is aware of it’s far hard to take choice, in the event that they need to pick out between heads and tails of a coin, what is going to she pick out. Bindu says she can select heads always, why he is burdened after agreeing for surgical procedure. Amar says he isn’t denying, however is just confused. Bindu says Kangana’s father is a great healthcare professional and Kangana loves him plenty, if there is any danger in operation, she herself would have rejected it. Mota pappa meets Kangana’s father and leaves his cabin. Father tells Kangana that they are doing incorrect. Kangana says there’s nothing incorrect in this, she is assured about it. Father says he thinks Bindu got suspicious. Amar walks in and says he is prepared for surgery.

Viraaj’s father Inderjeet walks toward Prarthana’s house. journalists throng him and ask who is Prarthana Kashyap and whilst and in which is wedding ceremony venue, and so on. Father walks away announcing no feedback. He gets into Prarthana’s house and Prarthana’s father greets him in. Inderjeet asks Seetaram to present shagun. Seetaram takes out vehicle keys. grasping Rachna receives happy that Inderjeet is giving vehicle as shagun. Seetaram continues returned car and gives cash. Inderjeet gives money as shagun and asks him to maintain his duffer son happy usually. reporters keep to interview acquaintances asking who’s Prarthana. Prarthana with Viraaj watches from window and says she does no longer like a lot exposure. Viraaj says they’ll leave in sometime. Inderjeet says Prarthana could have faced media despite the fact that she had selected making a song career, she can not get away from media for lengthy. Viraaj asks to now not frighten her, else she can cancel wedding. Inderjeet says she will be able to not this time. information newshounds talk that they have to nick Viraaj and Prarthana’s call like Viraat Kohli and Anushka’s. some advise Vipraj, Rajpra, and many others. Puneeth says Pravi might be excellent. Reporter says Vrarthana is determined. Prarthana does now not love it and tells Viraaj that she desires easy wedding ceremony with out all this drama, else she can cancel it.

Kangana’s father tells her that he does not sense precise hiding reality. Kangana says he has to do it for her. He calls a person. Bindu walks out of health center with Amar and Mota pappa/mamma whilst Viraaj calls her and requests to reach Prarthana’s residence proper away. Meghan on the alternative side speaks to legal professional over cellphone and convinces her to take in Jyoti’s husband’s case and make certain he receives bail in first listening to itself. lawyer assures her. Bindu calls Meghna and informs that Prarthana customary Viraaj’s thought and Viraaj proposed her in local train, he has known as them both to his sasural/Prarthana’s residence right now. Meghna rushes out of residence. Mandar stops her and says he needs to talk some thing crucial. Meghna walks away pronouncing no longer now. Mandar attempts again, however Meghna walks away ignoring. Mandar preserving his resignation letter walks domestic and informs his decision of resigning to Baba. Baba asks him to take informed decision and no longer make his circle of relatives life as mahabharath.

Prarthana tells Viraaj that he already informed her that their lives are pole aside and he or she can not manage a lot limelight, needs a simple marriage. Viraaj says they may have easy wedding.

Precap: Viraj and Prarthana marry in neighborhood train. Bindu hears Kangana’s father telling her that they knew about the danger worried in Amar’s operation. Mandar tells his new boss that he’ll get Smile garment’s order for certain. Meghna tells her crew that she needs that order by using hook or criminal.


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