Ladies Special 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Constables concur and leave. Amar says thanks to TT. TT asks not to neglect to welcome him for wedding and leaves. Bindu keeps talking with woman and portrays about Amar’s gathering. She achieves nearby station and gets exceptionally glad seeing Amar with kids moving on Meri Pyari Bindu… tune and I adore you Bindu board, thinks Amar needed to give her this amazement. She slips and tumbles down and loses her memory. A criminal takes her portable and switches it off. Women lift her up and inquire as to whether she is fine. She asks what befell her. They state she tumbled off.

Constables go to her and seeing her hand draining take her along to medical aid her damage. Amar caught up with hitting the dance floor with children doesn’t see her. Mandar and Meghna begin their nok jhok to keep family occupied and not know them about court case. When baba and kids leave, Mandar guarantees Meghna that the two of them will take care of their issues soon. Smash gets Meghna out. Representatives ask Meghhna when will they get their compensation as she didn’t get protection guarantee. Meghna guarantees to pay them 2 months’ compensation. She calls Bindu to get Umedh’s legal advisor father’s number, however her telephone is turned off. Amar additionally attempts Bindu’s number, yet it is turned off. Meghna calls Amar and inquires as to for what reason is Bindu’s number turned off and after a touch of faltering asks Umedh’s dad’s number.

Amar advances number and after that calls Umedh and inquires as to whether Bindu is with him. Umedh illuminates that she left 3 hours prior and when he last called her 1.5 hours back, she had nearly achieved railroad station. Amar demonstrates Bindu’s pic and inquires as to whether they saw her. A constable distinguishes her and says she fell and harmed, so woman constable first-helped her damage and took her home.

Constables take Bindu home. Bindu inquires as to for what reason did they bring her here. They state this is her home. MM turns out and gets strained seeing Bindu with police. Constables state Bindu lost her memory. Bindu asks who is she. MP additionally comes and gets stressed. He calls Amar and educates that Bindu lost her memory and it is hard to deal with her, he should achieve home soon. MP and MM attempt to control Bindu, however she demands to release her. Amar comes to and asks what befell her. Bindu asks who is he, released her. MP inquires as to whether she overlooked even Amar.

Precap: Umedh educates Amar and family that Bindu is experiencing momentary memory misfortune.


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