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Meghna returns domestic and seeing Mandar portray partitions asks why did not he wash his face whilst video speaking to Swapnil Joshi. Mandar says at the least manufacturing facility proprietor was nicely dressed, who cares about employee. She scolds why did now not he rent painter to pain residence and takes brush. He asks if she knows to paint. She recites a shayari and asks him to mention wah wah. He does. Their nok jhok starts offevolved and that they both run around house laughing. At Bindu’s house, she shows Swapnil Joshi’s video to Amar and applies natural paste on Amar’s paralyzed hand. Amar asks her to stop it. She says she will be able to no longer and gives Swapnil Joshi’s example that he did not give up till he succeeded. as soon as she walks in, Kangana calls him and asks if Bindu is troubling him. Amar says no one can contend with him higher than Bindu, she will be able to no longer relaxation until she therapies his hand. Kangana gets jealous and shouts as though she isn’t trying and she or he has booked appointment with every other doctor and could now not rest until he receives well. She calls doctor and fixes an appointment after which fumes that Bindu is making an attempt to snatch Amar from her, she has to do some thing.

At Prarthana’s residence, Rachna praises Prarthana’s difficult paintings however unwell destiny, says similar to Prarthana Viraaj is alo hard operating, etc. Puneeth says he’s a betrayer and betrayed them all, she used to hate Viraaj and now knowing he is very rich assisting him. greedy Rachna backs Viraaj and says she is a mother and desires her youngsters’s better destiny. Prarthana walks on stree and sees a man following her. She turns and questioning him as Viraaj shouts to forestall following her. Puneeth comes in front and says he is aware of Viraaj will comply with her, he is guarding her. Prarthana asks him to head domestic. once he leaves, Viraaj receives out of his car and requests her to listen to his side of tale why he lied. Prarthana as normal arrogantly yells at him and walks away warning to slap him if he follows her. Viraaj cries to listen to him as soon as.

At Meghna’s manufacturing unit, Khadar Bhai scolds worker to do her work nicely. a man enters and says Swapnil. Khadar bhai scolds him and asks what he wants. guy says he’s Swapnil Joshi’s supervisor and brought order for them. Mandar assessments design and says it is not possible for them. Meghna enters and says it is feasible and he or she will give fan discount and supply order herself with Mandar and Jyoti. supervisor says they want truck for a 500 get dressed order, which they should deliver in 15 days for Swapnil Joshi’s new film. Meghna receives very excited and accepts orders while Mandar resists. Khadar bhai tests and says they can. manager leaves promising to send quotation through Meghna with whole crew tests war soldiers’ dress pattern with metal chains, and many others. Mandar says it is difficult. Khadar bhai offers his concept. Mehgna says they are able to prepare it via reksine and plastic chains and paint it with metallic shade. Mandar says it is easy then, he was simply concerned unnecessarily. Jyoti indicates 25 lakhs quotation email. everyone are amused listening to about such a big order and have fun.

Precap Upcoming Ladies Special episode update: Viraaj takes fee as MD, and Prarthana greets him as boss.Kangana insults Bindu in neighborhood train that she is trying to grab Amar far from her and dreaming to be Amar’s permanent spouse.


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