Ladies Special 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meghna returns to her manufacturing facility indignant. Mandar and Jyoti ask why she is irritated. Meghna explains how Kangana insulted Bindu and Bindu being a devi did now not confront Kangana at all. She asks why did they name her repeatedly. Jyoti says they got a big offer by a corporate corporation who wants to meet them. Meghna asks when is the meeting. Mandar says in 2 hours. they all three meet corporate company’s HR lady who says they besides excellent product with timely delivery. Meghna agrees. lady asks if she can transport this type of huge order on time. Meghna concurs. lady asks to expose her agency’s presentation. Jyoti shows get dressed samples. lady says she has seen them on line and desires her enterprise’s profile. Meghna says Jyoti organized presentation and they may display it all through their subsequent assembly. female concurs and says they may meet next after discussing along with her bosses. Meghna has the same opinion and walks toward door. girl asks her junior if she thinks Meghna can deliver order on time. Junior says she does no longer think as they look inexperienced and that is their first assembly. Meghna walks to woman and requests no longer to cancel order as her employer’s slogan is first-class and quantity inside turn round time. woman says they got 2-3 greater gives whose first-rate their bosses liked, she can not guarantee whom her bosses will select. Meghna convinces her to don’t forget her order, she will assure both excellent product within stipulated time.

Viraaj reaches his office as boss. Prarthana greets him as boss and walks away. Seetaram asks Viraaj what is going on. Viraaj says it’s far k as Prarthana remains irritated. employees discus their friendship modified so soon. Viraaj meets Bindu at neighborhood railway station and requests her to concentrate to him as soon as. She asks why need to she, he betrayed her buddy Prarthana, he’s a huge lier, why might he trouble as he is first rate rich The Viraaj Parimal. Viraaj asks to scold him after listening to his story and says his father did now not want him to take over as MD immediately and wanted him to analyze business from grass-root level, so he permit him teach as intern under pleasant employee Prarthana who a high-quality sister, nice daughter, first-class buddy, etc.., he fell in her love seeing her goodness. Bindu relax and asking him not to fear calls Prarthana who yells not to speak about traitor Viraaj and keeps yelling. Bindu disconnects name helplessly. Viraaj says he understood what Prarthana says. Bindu indicates him to keep attempting until Prarthana’s anger calms down.

Bindu returns home and sees thank you card for her. Amar enters and asks if she preferred it, there is something else also interior card and says he’s rejoining obligation from the next day and all of it passed off because of her encouragement and her Faiba’s tale. Bindu reminiscing Kangana’s allegations asks if he appreciated her seva/service or not. He asks why is she asking this, he is wholesome and on his ft once more due to that and he’s habituated to her now.

Precap Upcoming Ladies Special episode update: Meghna scolds Jyoti for not talking at corporate assembly. Jyoti says she could not recognize what they spoke. Meghna yells she need to have shut her mouth then. Bindu confronts Kangana that she knows Kangana sent divorce papers to Mota pappa. Kangana receives tensed.


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