Ladies Special 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mandar says looks like Kotak will get them equity in 1 hearing itself. In medical clinic, Kangana’s dad checks Bindu’s report and says she is experiencing left frontotemporal glioma and its a risky condition. Amar gets strained and inquires as to whether they can work her soon. Father says they will attempt their best to treat her. Amar asks howmuch time is left.

Father says she previously got memory misfortune and time can’t be anticipated in these kind of cases. Amar exits broke thinking back Kangana’s dad’s words. Court hearing proceeds. Insurance agency legal advisor begins denouncing Meghna and calls school head Rita who says Meghna through a goon undermined her for affirmation of her youngsters. Slam conceals seeing Rita. Meghna says Rita is lying, she didn’t send anybody. Legal advisor asks Rita what was goon’s name. Rita says she doesn’t recall, must be Dasharath.

Meghna thinks who is Dasharath now. Attorney says Meghna is cunning and considers development organization’s supervisor who lies that Meghna looked for a level and production line space close-by to persuade chawl individuals to consent to improvement arrangement. Meghna says he is doubtlessly lying. Legal advisor at that point calls RK articles of clothing worker who says he gave delicate sheet to Mandar. Mandar says he took it for republishing. Attorney says inside 30 minutes, Meghna stole it and changed her delicate sum and won delicate. Mandar says it isn’t right, Meghna can’t do anything incorrectly.

Amar strolls to Kangana’s lodge and breaks talking about Bindu’s circumstance. Kangana comforts him. Bindu calls from MP’s telephone and offers telephone to MP. MP gets some information about Bindu’s reports. Amar says they are fine. Bindu joyfully says she will get ready undiyo for them and celebrate. MP questions Amar more and he says they haven’t chose about treatment. MP thinks Amar is lying.

Precap: Meghna praises her urge bharai in nearby train. Bindu crumples among festivities and Amar races to her.


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