Ladies Special 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amar sits for dinner and reminiscing Moti Mummy/MM informing him that Bindu made undhiyo these days fills his plate with undhiyo. He then reminisces Bindu preparing undhiyo for him in advance and telling she didn’t have meals until now as she does now not want him to have meals on my own. Bindu wakes up from sleep to have water and goes to kitchen to fill water mug while she sees Amar in eating desk and thinks khadoos physician remains wakeful and earlier than he sees her, she will cover. Amar senses her presence and turns, however does not find her. inside the morning, Meghna reaches Bindu’s residence. Mandar calls her in which is she. She says she simply reached Bindu’s house and will leave soon after meeting her. She rings bell, but reminiscing Bindu now not figuring out her leaves. Bindu while acting pooja opens door doesn’t find anyone. MP walks to her and asks what’s she doing here. She says she heard door bell. MP thinks he did no longer hear doorbell although and gets tensed and reminisces Amar informing him now not to provide any strain to Bindu throughout her remedy. Bindu says Amar changed into assume to carry her document, he did no longer inform what is in her file. MP says reports are quality. Bindu prepares tea for Amar and asks MM to present it to Amar, he is so khadoos and dull whoever he marries may be a good deal boring. MM asks her to tea for Amar herself. Bindu takes tea to Amar’s room and sees him engrasped in thoughts. Amar reminisces Bindu touching hot tea cup on his hand to alert him. Bindu says he’s so boring and must make himself lively.

Kotak takes case report to Mandar’s residence. Mandar says he would have come if he had referred to as. Kotak says he was passing through and signatures on these documents are essential. Mandar takes him in. Meghna additionally returns domestic and serves them tea. Kotak asks if they found out who is conspiring in opposition to them. Mandar says corporation, RK garments as Meghna took 3 in their orders. Kotak asks them to behave as accepting their defeat and leaving their commercial enterprise, house, and everything and returning to their village. Meghna asks why ought to they accomplish that. Kotak asks to do as he says and asks Mandar to inform his boss that he is giving 1 month note length for work as he’s wrapping up the entirety and going to his place of birth and spot his boss’ response. Mandar concurs. Sachin asks him if they may be going somewhere. Mandar says they’re simply acting. Sachin asks while will they’ve aayi/Meghna’s baby bathe rite.

Amar reaches health facility and gets geared up to perform surgical operation. He realizes he forgot critical files and calls MP to get them. MP sees Bindu asking MM about newspaper who says it is near door and Bindu taking walks towards door, informs Amar who asks to trade newspaper soon to 1 12 months vintage newspaper. MP runs and exchanges it. Bindu walks out and asks what’s he doing right here. He says nothing critical. She says let us exit tonight and watch a particular film. Amar listening to that announces that movie turned into released closing year, it won’t be running in cinema halls. MP says theaters are going houseful and they may now not get tickets. Bindu says they may get tickets in black. Amar says he’s going to cope with it and arranges movie screening at domestic. MP says Amar got theater at domestic. Bindu enjoys movie.

Jyoti with chawl individuals plan to celebrate Meghna’s infant shower ceremony in neighborhood train. Mandar meets his manufacturing facility manager and giving his 1 month be aware period letter says Meghna tousled her commercial enterprise, so they incurred large losses and are transferring returned to their village promoting all the closing assets to pay off their money owed. manager smirks hearing that. back in chawl, Jyoti sees Meghna carrying grocery luggage takes them from her and says she shouldn’t pressure herself at some point of pregnancy, asks why she seems so silent. Meghna says Bindu lost her reminiscence and doesn’t even recollect her and Prarthana left metropolis, now she doesn’t have any buddy to share her emotions. Jyoti emotionally apologizes her and says they’ll in no way damage their friendship again. Meghna hugs her and says in no way.

Precap: Mandar tells Sachin and Swapna that Bindu will come to their faculty and shut all of us’s mouth like Jhansi ki rani. Kangna informs MP that Bindu is having mind tumor.


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