Ladies Special 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prarthana achieves home and hears her folks battling about Viraaj’s visit at some point prior. She enters and inquires as to whether Viraaj came here. Rachna says truly, yet her dad showed him out. Prarthana yells not to discuss Viraaj. Rachna says Viraaj is a decent kid and will keep her cheerful. Father says he deceived Prarthana and Rachna is insatiable seeing Viraaj’s riches. Rachna goes up against him that all richies are not awful and in what capacity will a lush will realize who is subject to his little girl. Father yells… Prarthana demands them to quit talking about Viraaj in this house as Viraaj does not merit their consideration and is a major double-crosser.

Amar goes to meet specialist with Kangana and keeping in mind that returning says he can’t endure it any longer and won’t go to any more arrangements. She hollers he does not avoid getting home grown back rub from Bindu and taking her administration. Amar requests that her quit hollering, he similarly prefers them both. She begins her enthusiastic extortion and persuades him to eat at her home today and to call Bindu. Bindu is caught up with having tea at a roadside slow down with Puneeth. Amar calls her and educates that he is eating with Kangana and will arrive behind schedule. She says she will sit tight for him. Viraaaj getting exhausted hanging tight to for Puneeth to go strolls in front. Puneeth keeps running behind him, gets and fiercely attacks him. Bindu takes him to Meghna’s home. Seriously wounded Viraaj says he adores Prarthana. Puneeth hollers he will waste him once more. Mandar stops him. Meghna hollers he double-crossed Prarthana and she will waste him. Mandar stops her too. Viraaj keeps communicating his adoration for Prarthana. Sitaram asks Bindu to interefere. Bindu attempts, yet Meghna as common overwhelms her and closes her mouth.

Amar invests energy with Kanganga who endowments him sack which she had guaranteed amid their school days and keeps showering blessing. Bindu returns home and reveals to Mota pappa and mamma that she is assuming Amar to Meghna’s position for Guddi Padwa festivity and brought him shawl and watch. Mota pappa and Mamaa says Amar will like it. Bindu begins her theory class once more.

Meghna gets presents for family for guddi padwa festivities and giving an extensive rundown of basic need things asks Mandar to bring them. Mandar says he previously brought them. Meghna requests to expand amount. Mandar says he doesn’t have quite a lot of cash and there is no compelling reason to spend to such an extent. Meghna says it is particularly vital for her notoriety and demands that she needs them at any expense. Mandar says she is simply requesting now a days and does not worry about other’s emotions. Meghna stands apprehensive seeing Baba hearing their discussion.

Precap Upcoming Ladies Special Episode Update: Meghna and Mandar perform Gudi padwa pooja. Jyoti asks Meghna uncertainties he needs her in this business or not. Viraaj practices to propose Prarthana.


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