Ladies Special 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sachin and Swapna cry lavishly. Meghna and Mandar ask reason. They state their schoolmate Kabir told their mom will be captured and sent to imprison as his mom read news in paper. Mandar says there was news in nearby Marathi news paper. Meghna says she will go to their parent-youngsters meeting and show Kabir’s mom a pleasant exercise. Mandar says their aayi will transform school into Haldi Ghati like Jansi ki rani. Sachin says Jansh ki rani did not battle in haldi ghati. Mandar says he is simply telling their aayi will show a thing or two to rival like Jhansi ki rani. MP cries abundantly, and MM asks reason. MP says Kangana educated that Bindu has cerebrum tumor. MM likewise cries bountifully. MP says they shouldn’t let Bindu and Amar realize that they think about Bindu’s mind tumor and act typical before them.

Kotak over telephone asks Mandar to discover whom his supervisor met during Meghna’s industrial facility’s flame mishap. Mandar asks in what capacity will he know. Kotak says he should look at security sections and discover who all met supervisor. Mandar enters chief’s office and quest for security logbook. Administrator strolls in and asks what is he doing here. Mandar says he needs to complete work before leaving work. Supervisor requests that he tail him. Mandar supposes he doesn’t have even an inkling in the event that he will get security log book or not.

Bindu serves tea to family. MP thinks back revealing to Mandar that he read on web that sugar isn’t useful for sick individual, so they will attempt to avoid Bindu’s desserts totally. Amar inquires as to whether Bindu will concur so effectively. MP says yes. Out of flashback, MM battle with MP that his sugar levels are high, so he will drink sugarless tea from today and even entire family will to help him. Bindu says she will set up her Faiba’s natural tea which will fix his diabetes. MP says sugar is terrible for Bindu’s ailment. Amar asks what.. MP says nothing.. After at some point, Mandar calls Bindu and welcomes her for Meghna’s infant shower function and demands to apply mehandi on Meghna’s hands. Bindu concurs and requests that where come. Mandar says at his home. Bindu concurs. She expresses gratitude toward Amar for returning home performance center to watch her preferred motion picture yesterday.

Meghna with her kids arrives at school and sees guardians demanding chief to expel Meghna’s youngsters from school, else he will evacuate their kids. Chief says they can talk about it serenely. Kids demands Meghna to return home as should be obvious her being offended. Meghna says let us face it and strolling to guardians welcomes them and says she is Meghna Nikade whom they are discussing subsequent to perusing her news in a nearby Marathi news paper. She disseminates news paper duplicates and toffees and says no one is keen on her news, however Kabir’s mom is, they should peruse news cautiously. One woman peruses news that Meghna Nikade is demonstrated blameworthy and will be arraigned and this news isn’t printed with no verification. Meghna asks didn’t she see an inquiry mark by it, it implies if Meghna is blameworthy. She says they have issue with her youngsters remaining in chawl, however their chawl is more cleaner than their messy personality. Educator apologizes for guardians’ sake. Meghna difficulties guardians that following multi month they will see headline news in same news paper that Meghna Nikade is blameless. She leaves with her kids who grin cheerfully.

Precap: Bindu inquires as to whether she will be her closest companion. Meghna says she is as of now her bestfriend and embraces her inwardly.


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