Ladies Special 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meghna returns home and cries before Mandar that her youngsters needed to confront lowliness as a result of her over and again. Mandar requests that her quiet down as Bindu must come whenever. Amar enters with Bindu. Bindu says she is coming back to her town, so she came to apply mehandi to Meghna before her infant shower function. Baba and kids enter. Mandar acquaints them with Bindu. Bindu feels she has come here previously and realizes them well. Amar says its a de ja vu, implies here and there we believe we have seen the spot despite the fact that they come there first. Youngsters take Bindu to demonstrate their room. Amar says thanks to Mandar for educating his family about Bindu already. Youngsters come back with Bindu and says let us play puzzle game. She tells question. Baba offers wrong response. Bindu clarifies. Amar offers right response. Bindu says she thought he is khadoos/exhausting, yet he knows right answer. Amar thinks back requesting that kids play question game with Bindu and reveal to him answers heretofore. Kids offer him right responses. Bindu inquires as to whether she can be her bestfriend. Meghna says she is as of now and solicits to embrace rather from shaking hands. The two of them embrace each other inwardly.

In the wake of returning home, Amar looks into on web about Bindu’s ailment. Bindu strolls in and inquires as to for what reason is he looking into about mind when is a heart specialist. He says it is for his patient. Bindu says must be an uncommon patient. He says yes. Bindu says doesn’t care for him demonstrate his primary care physician control and ought to carry on like a companion and gets some information about him. Amar thinks back educating her regarding himself previously and rehashes same story how he progressed toward becoming vagrant, at that point MP and MM brought him up, he satisfied their fantasy of turning into a specialist and concentrated hard, however then lost himself, at that point Kangana came into his life and he fell in her affection, he has a without a companion in his life, so on the off chance that she can be his companion. He broadens hand. Bindu concurs and shakes hand with him.

Mandar applies oil on Meghna’s mehandi while Meghna thinks back Bindu requesting to welcome her to apply mehandi on her hands for her child shower service. Jyoti calls Mandar and advises him that his unexpected child shower function for Meghna on neighborhood train is today and he needs to bring Meghna to Virar nearby train. Mandar concurs. Meghna asks whose telephone is it. Mandar says her neighborhood train bunch companion’s and they host orchestrated a gathering in nearby train for Bindu to remember her recollections. Meghna says its a smart thought. Women enhance nearby train. Jyoti hues her hair dark colored. Slam returns home and says he heard Meghna and Mandar are setting off to their town for eternity. Jyoti asks who let him know. He says Mandar gave abdication as of now it appears, its everything as a result of him and he will admit his wrongdoing in court tomorrow. Jyoti says he will go to imprison again,but it is his life’s best choice and a best blessing to Meghna for her infant shower function.

Bindu prepares for capacity and asks MP and MM how is she looking. MP state she is looking extremely lovely. Bindu’s dad enters. Bindu is astounded to see him all of a sudden.

Precap: Meghna gets an unexpected infant shower service blessing by her family and companions in neighborhood train and they all move and celebrate.


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