The 80s TV show ‘Ramayana’, which started in the midst of the Corona virus lockdown, once again came into the limelight. Ramanand Sagar’s show ‘Ramayana’ gave the audience the same place in their hearts as they used to. The show broke all the TRP records. At the same time, along with this show, all its characters have also come into the headlines again. On the other hand, actor Sunil Lahiri, who plays Laxman in Ramayan, is very active these days on social media. Sunil is seen sharing his latest pictures and videos of the stories related to the show. Meanwhile, a picture of him remains in the discussion. His new look is worth seeing in this picture.

Seeing the danger of corona virus, Sunil Lahiri has done his own haircutting at home. Sunil has shared a picture of himself on Twitter, in which he is seen wearing a pony tail. In the caption of the photo, Sunil Lahiri wrote, “In this lockdown, even teach the art of cutting head hair, just could not cut back hair.” Sunil wrote, “This lockdown also taught me to cut your own hair except for the back hair.”

This tweet of Sunil has been liked and shared by many people. On the other hand, Sunil has been continuously sharing the interesting stories related to every episode of ‘Ramayan’ on social media with fans.

At the same time, apart from Sunil Lahiri, actress Deepika Chikhaliya who plays Sita in ‘Ramayan’ is also very active on social media these days. Apart from the show, she is sharing many things related to her personal life with the fans.


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