Liam Neeson
From “Cold Pursuit (Original)”

Liam Neeson ‘s popular movie “Cold Pursuit” (original work) will be released from June in the ” 96 Hour ” series and “STAR WARS Episode I / Phantom Menace” . It remakes the action comedy “Fighting · Daddy’s Angry Snow Plow” starred by Stellan Scalzardo in 2014 (the unpublished theaters), and Liam gets a serious snow removal worker so as to win the Model Citizen Award.

This work that depicts the revenge plays of Nells (Liam), a snow-removal worker whose son was killed, heading towards an unexpected direction. The setting is a quiet country town. Nells will revenge on the organization of the drug king Viking who killed his son with a camouflage over the drug, but the attacked Viking misunderstood the hostile Native American drug organization. The turbulence involving the two mafias and the police will break out.

Liam fleeting with a bleeding snow removal worker
Liam fleeting with a bleeding snow removal worker

In addition to the action scenes that use Liam Hu Nels who plays Liam to take advantage of the land intuition and physical strength that he wore with a snow-removing carrier, killing one person and one person and one enemy with all means such as bare hands, guns, and snow-removing cars, intense characters to be confused Also worth seeing. Health-oriented drug-named king, apparent blasted blond hair mohawkan chinpilla, a gang that hits a motel cleaning staff at 100 nights a year, a killer who tells a request, a middle-aged mafia executive of love constitution, a rural police officer with tension over the murder case They show the face.

“To co-star Star Wars / the last of the Jedi of” Laura Dern , ” Murder on the Orient Express of” Tom Bateman , ” The Day After Tomorrow ” on Emmy Rossum et al. Director Hans Peter Morand of Norway who takes a lot of attention even at “Out Stealing Horses” exhibited at the Berlin International Film Festival Competition Division . We will serve remake of our own work that was done in 2014.

This film is released nationwide from February 8 and started 3rd. It has recorded the first appearance in 12 countries.


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