Aki Kaneuru
Mr. Aki Kaneuru (Kimi Nishino), Nanaki Mori (Yuko Kosaka) – (C) Ishida Sui / Shueisha (C) 2019 “Tokyo Bottle Tokyo Girl 2” Production Committee

A new cast of the movie ” Tokyo Inoculation Tokyo Ghoul 2 (Tentative) ” (released on July 19) was released with the popular comic realized, and it is clear that young attention actress Mr. Norikaze Forest and Mr. Kinuzu Aso will appear became. The two will be in the series for the first time.

This work is Kanegi Ken (Kaneki Ken / Kubota Masataka ) who woke up to the ability as a breeding human being, with the setting in Tokyo as a place where race / bean (Gouru) which eats human being which is the apex of the food chain lurks · Set in Tokyo However, while struggling to conflict, the story depicts the appearance of fighting with the aim of “coexistence” of human beings and races. In this sequel, it became a topic that the heroine’s role of Kirishima Taka was baton-touched from Shimizu Fumijo to Yamamoto Maika , and the enemy of Kaneki, Tsukiyama Shu / Muta Shota appeared ing.

Forest plays, Tomoko’s best friend, Yosuko Kosaka (Kosaka Yoliko) who attends the same school as Talka. I am not aware of the identity of my best friend Talka, I am trying to cheer up with a good cook who worries about her who tends to take a break from school. Forest has appeared in the currently broadcasting drama “3-year A group – now everyone is a hostage -” and is a remarkable stock ejected by heroine voice actor of the new director Makoto Makoto ‘s weather child . Such a forest commented that “I can hardly wait for completion myself” as I looked back, “It was difficult to play the character with the image completed.”

In addition, Tree dragon is in charge of the lover of Nishio Nishiki (Nishio · Nishiki / Shiroishi Hayaji ) who is the breeding · Takami Nishino (Nishino · Kimi) role. Despite being human beings, we accept donor ‘s lover’ s sweetheart ‘s daughter and dedicated to support. Kinuzu was a performance actress who won numerous awards for the movie including the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival Tokyo Gemstone Award, last year when he performed well in films such as ” Chrysanthemum and Guillotine ” and ” Lie of Suzuki Family “. “I felt like I was made to think about what I would like to cherish through her, in the world of human beings and the breeding species” Tokyo Bogue “”.

For Taker and Nishiki who are breeds, Yoshiko and Kimi become existence trembling feelings of human beings. For Kaneki it is also an important role to give a chance to strongly wish for the coexistence of human beings and races. Expectation increases for the fresh two people ‘s performance.


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