Locked Season 1 All Episodes Leaked Online In Tamilrockers HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2020

Locked Season 1 Web Series All Episodes Download In Tamilrockers Online Streaming For Free

For the sake of coronality, the OTT platforms are a good choice. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and other platforms are more preferred than home TV. It is because there are films and series that are different and not found. There are a lot of online platforms other than the aforementioned platforms. As such, Aha Videos is a platform that offers only Telugu movies and series.

Locked Up is the latest Telugu thriller series by Aha Video. The series, directed by Pradeep Devakumar, consists of 7 episodes of half an hour length. Starring Sathyadev Kancharana (Dr Anand Chakravarti), Joint Hornad (Vaishnavi) and Sri Lakshmi (Padmini Bhama).

Dr. Anand Chakravarti (Satyadev Kancharana) is the best neurosurgeon in the city. A doctor who is completely sincere in his career. Locked is the story of a few people trapped in the house, including Anand, one day. One of the biggest attractions of the series is the performance of Satyadev.

The story begins with a serial killer and moves very slowly. The series tells the story of one night in Anand’s house and the flashbacks of each character. Locked Up resembles the Hollywood movie Dont Break and the Tamil Movie Game Over.

Though the first one or two episodes are slow, the director has managed to save the entirety of the thriller by then. Locked Up offers an absolute average avatar thriller experience, similar to the above films. Although called a thriller category, the series is a non-linear dark thriller that combines emotional drama, psychological thriller, and chamber drama.

Malayalees are not very familiar with Satyadev Kanjrana. Maybe the Telugu remake of Mahesh Revenge is well known. Dr. Satyadev is very accurate. Presented by Anand Chakraborty. Dr Anand, who has been bearded since Arjun Reddy, is more likely to get a clap in Telugu. The performance of the joint Hornad and Mr. Lakshmi is excellent in the film.

Making the series is great. Director Locked is set to be a very good thriller. Each of the frames of Nijai Gautam is very beautiful. Moody’s is also changing the coloring series. Then there is the background music. Along with that, the artwork is spectacular. There is no doubt that the climax scene is definitely thrilling.

The fact that it only lasts for half an hour makes it easier to visualize the series in a single sitting. The 150-rupee subscription plan can be viewed from Aha’s platform. But the reality is that only Telugu is available on the platform, which is a big step away from taking a subscription. But trying to provide good quality streaming for less than Rs. Locked out is a good Telugu series that you can watch during the Coronation, aside from a few shortcomings.


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