It is said that by looking at the palm of a woman (man) or man, a lot can be said about it. In the same way, seeing a person’s organs can be very much known about his personality. By looking at body organs, not only can it be known about the nature of women, but it can also be known as the rule of men’s personality. Lord Brahma, the creator of self-creation, has mentioned many things related to men in the Bhavishya Puran.

Yes, in the future Puranas, Brahma has told many such things, with the help of which men’s personality and a lot can be known about them. Let’s know which part of men’s hiding in which of their personality?

Soft leg

According to the future Purana, if a man’s feet are soft, fleshy, reddish, and they do not sweat with their feet, then such men are easily achieving all the pleasures.


If a person’s thumbs are very thick, then he does not get the support of fate. Along with this, the nails of the feet and the fingers of the fingers are different, they have to deal with many problems in life. There is always a lack of money in his life.

Toe finger

If the smallest finger of a man’s feet is bigger than the thumb in size, then such people are considered very rich. It is said that there is no shortage of wealth and riches in his life.

The thigh

The men who do not have the thigh on their thighs, do not get the fate of them. Whereas such men meet the fate of whose men are long, thick and full of thighs. Not only those men who have strong thighs get pleasure other than money.


Brahmaji has said that in the future Puranas, the men who are kneeling without difficulty are also required to work hard to get minor successes.


The men whose stomach is large, round and fleshy, such people are rich in luck and there is no lack of money in their lives. The ones whose stomach looks tall and thin are those who are facing poverty.

The back

It is said that the men whose back is long is trapped in bonds. While the backs of the men who emerge like a turtle’s back, they are rich and fortunate. According to Brahma, people with broad and strong shoulders are lucky.

Note: All the information given in this article is written for informational purpose. We do not give any guarantees for its reality, accuracy and specific results. Every person’s thinking and opinions can be different about this.


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