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It’s been exactly three years since the Angamali Diaries went down. But when Love TM figured out that Tito and Sarat were still known by the name of the film, it was because of the strength of the characters. This is a time when Google often referenced ten to twenty times to write a review of the movie that was seen half an hour ago. The title of the film was an interesting one in the movie Love FM. Euclamp Rajan plays Apani Ravi’s father in the movie.

Love FM Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

After watching Forensic, there were five more films released this week. Still, the film is worth a closer look, not only because Love FM is screening the second screen of the forensic theater, but also because it is not guaranteed to be here tomorrow. It felt like a tribute to theatergoers who were ready to show the film for three people. Two more followed. No one came to the Noon Show. ISHA Full Movie Download

Love FM begins with an intro scene of College Gate, a 1,000th welcomed destination for newcomers. Back then, as usual – chilly comedy, romance, singing, singing, canteen. Saju Kodiyan is the principal of the college. It is also a varied variety to remember. He is also a partner in the script. When it comes to self-written work, any actor will want to make a fine character. But the flag hoop here is nothing. The rest of the screenplay is written by the well-known Malayalam writer P Jimshar. According to Chali, we can distinguish between what Saju Kodian wrote and what Jimshar wrote. Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam Full Movie Download

Interval is a romance between Ghazal and Apani Sarath and Rabia. It happens like usual. Flashback will come after the interval. There will be another Rabia in it. The 1980s are the backdrop. Trying to figure out how it is and the age of the characters is just insane. Kappela Full Movie Download

Sridev Kapoor’s ‘Love FM’ film is the story of two rabbis who were going through two seasons. When you hear about Kapoor, you don’t have to be a director to have anything to do with the Kapoor family in Bollywood. Kapoor is a place situated in the western corner of Palakkad district. Sridev’s homeland must be there. Pachamanga Full Movie Download

The director has tried to combine the first half into a campus story and the second half into a family drama. The parts of both scriptwriters can be experienced in two ways. Unless there is another build, you may see it for a long time. No songs count or count. What’s more, some of it is beautiful. Apart from Sarath and Wilson, Malavika, Neena Kurup, Manikandan Pattambi, Devan, Sinoj and Seanil Zainuddin are also in the film. Sinil Sainuddin is a college student. There are adults too. What more to say. Kingdom Season 2 All Episodes Download

Tarakketillate kettumirikkam have seen, this “I Love FM ‘ -e V phardis a campus, there is love from meattitunna. When it comes to marriage, it can go wrong because of some distractions. But will it end again? ‘Love FM’ is the thread that is about a young boy from the lower classes of society who feels the love of a rich man. The theme that our films often discuss. Special Ops Season 1 All Episodes Download

The only difference between this film and the novelty is that while the novelty remains questionable, it does not guarantee that the viewing of the Love FM for two hours does not bother the audience. Although it is not possible to say anything to the new age, it has been able to capture the audience as an undetermined entertainer, taking full advantage of the technical possibilities of the camera. Locked Season 1 All Episodes Download

At the beginning of the film, the audience is drawn to the love of Rabia, a first-year graduate girl (junkie), and Gazal, her second-year graduate student (Appani Sarath).

Though the film will remind us of the many forgotten and forgotten films in Malayalam nowadays, the screenwriters and director have tried to bring the twists in a small way. But the biggest credit to filmmaker Sridev Kapoor and others is that the film has not gone the usual way of getting the film out of the hands of the co-workers in an attempt to present it in a casual manner.

When Love FM sees why movies are being made in one name only, the majority of the audience who are viewers can recall. Often, the background music of these films, which are in the context of campus love, is very boring. But the film’s attention to detail in this regard is felt in the visual and the background music.

Similarly, Cameraman’s attempt to make the frames more colorful also contributes to making the film more entertaining. Likewise, the film’s costume and designers have contributed greatly to maximizing the quality of the shots.

The Ashraf gurus, who have been beautifully clashing with the stage, may clap their hands at this level. But in a rural setting where radio is making its way into Kerala, the art director has failed mightily. One of the things that the filmmakers did not notice was that, when filming a time period of close to sixty years, when it was set up without even doing the usual thing, it would take the film down from a serious film. Many such things make this film a serious movie.

From the feeling that humor is a compulsory element in the story, it is often felt that the joke is often inadvertently needed. Minister Counselor rediyeakkullile radio cutakumpeal atinullilekk vellamealikkunnatupeale kathapatrannalkkayi their strategies for the minister elpiccumunnunna teattatuttirunna kyanrinile borrowed from the college lealanre Times Magazine story tamasakalil billkeatukkate obliterated by Seenu balaramayile kutivellamealiccukeatukkunnatumella Teannippikkunnat.

Gafoor, a radio mechanic played by Tito Wilson, is not the only character who stays in the audience’s mind. Needless to say, there are other characters like Malavika Menon, Rabia, Aparna, Thangal and Mukri in the church. In addition, his involvement as a screenwriter has also been instrumental in making the film an entertainer.

Most of the songs in the film are in the spirit of the film including the song ‘Kalpakathoppile’ which is the shade of red sandalwood and the song borrowed from Mappilappattu. The works of OM Karuvarakundu and others are also well supported.


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