Lupine Ranger VS Patranger VS Queen Ranger
“Lupine Ranger VS Patranger VS Queen Ranger” poster visual – (C) 2019 Toei Video, Toei AG, Toei (C) 2018 TV Asahi, Toei AG, Toei

A trailer of V Sinext “Lupine Ranger VS Patranger VS Queen Ranger” was released, and the scene of the shock that three of Lupine Ranger turned into Patna ranger became clear. In addition, it was decided that it will be screened for a limited time from May 3.

This work, whose 10th is the final round of the “Super Sentai” series 42th “Pleasant Squadron Lupine Ranger VS Police Squadron Patrolanger” and his previous album “Heaven of the Sentai Queen Ranger” compete. A patrunner becomes a story in a television series that does not yet know the identity of Lupine Ranger, and the new rangers who have defeated Don Armitage in the world of “Rupapato” appear across the universe.

The published trailer is that from the emergency situation that Lupine Rangers are kidnapped, an encounter between the queer rangers from Parallel Universe and Patriangers, the harassment that the Earth gets into a pinch with a strong tag of the evil organization It projects expansion. At the end, Lupine Ranger’s three people will have a moment of silence to Patlanger “police change!”

Of “Rupapato” Asahi Ito, Yuki Hiroshihoshi, of “old Ranger” 岐洲Takumi addition to the main cast of the series was started, “old Ranger” happy Hoshi ☆ Minato role of the fan Hiroya Matsumoto that appeared Also became clear. And as a voice cast, Takahiro Sakurai, Masaki Tani, Yoshiki Nakajima also appeared in addition.

A screenplay of this work is Arakawa Toshihisa, director Hiroyuki Kato serves.

V So next “Lupine Ranger VS Patranger VS Queen Ranger” is scheduled for a limited time from May 3 at Shinjuku Baltic 9 and others Blu-ray & DVD will be released on August 21


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