Luv Kush 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Raavan thanking Mahadev for the Amrit blessing. He leaves. Parvati says what will happen now, you gave him Amrit. Mahadev says Shri Ram’s Tej and Raavan’s ego will cut this Amrit kalash, its beginning of Raavan’s death. Ram recalls Kaikeyi’s words. Kaushalya says Kaikeyi has eaten the food. Dasharath asks where is Ram. She asks him to come and meet Ram to ask him the matter. Laxman says I m happy that you ended Kaikeyi’s problem, what was the problem that she went to Kopbhavan. Ram asks him not to start the matter that ended, don’t lose the happiness. Dasharath says its not good that you solved the big problem without discussing with us. Laxman says Ram doesn’t lie, he has solved the problem.

Dasharath asks why isn’t Ram saying the truth, did Kaikeyi agreeto come out of Kopbhavan. Ram says yes. Dasharath asks what did she wish. Sita nods to Ram. Ram says I accepted her wish. Laxman asks what wish did you accept. Ram says Kaikeyi wants Bharat to become Ayodhya’s King. Everyone gets shocked. Sita smiles.

Laxman asks what, Bharat will become King, but dad has made you the heir, we can’t be equal to your feet, no one is capable like you. Ram says Bharat is capable. Laxman says but you are the best. Ram says then respect my decision, I promised Kaikeyi, don’t you respect it, we four have always stood for each other, we don’t have to break this unity, what’s the difference, if I become the King or Bharat, our family will be united, family should have peace and unity.

Dasharath asks where will you live Ram. Kaushalya asks what’s this question, Ram will stand by his brother Bharat and guide him, where will he go. Dasharath asks Ram to answer them, where will he live after Bharat becomes the King, its right you don’t want to answer this, I will ask this again by different way, what happened of Kaikeyi’s second promise. Sita looks at Ram and asks second promise? Dasharath says Sita and everyone don’t know anything in this regard. He asks Ram to answer.

He says Kaikeyi’s condition didn’t scare me, your silence is scaring me, tell me, you didn’t accept her condition. Kaushalya asks what promise did Kaikeyi ask you. Laxman asks what will she ask you. Dasharath says your silence will kill me, just answer me. Ram cries and says I promised Kaikeyi that I will leave Ayodhya and go for vanvaas for 14 years. They all get shocked.

Dasharath says Kaikeyi has lost her mind, how can you be so foolish, I have promised her and it was my decision to refuse to her, how did you accept this, you can’t make this mistake, you are my heir. Ram says I m doing my duty and fulfilling your promises, I m your son and have to see my parents’ welfare, you are a King and did your duty, I m not a King, but just a son, I have to do my duty. Sita looks at Ram. Ram says its my duty and Dharm to fulfill your promises to Kaikeyi, I will go to the jungle, its our tradition to keep the promises, I can leave the world to make my mum smile, I can leave Ayodhya to stop her tears. Sita smiles. Everyone cries. Ram says you have taught me to walk, I can’t leave walking on our traditions, its my good fate that I got a chance to fulfill your two promises. Dasharath asks what about your assurance that you will never leave me. Ram says you are a thought, a tradition, I m not going away from your soul, your promises are with me, this union is of generations, when the world takes Ram’s name, Dasharath Nandan will be taken along, if Ayodhya and my parents are in peace if I go for Vanvaas, then I m ready to go for 14 births. Everyone cries. Kaushalya asks will you put me in pain for 14 years, Kaikeyi’s hopes are imp for you, not my emotions.

Ram wipes her tears. He says you taught me not to differentiate between you three. Kaikeyi says I didn’t differentiate, Kaikeyi did it, I have no objection if Bharat becomes the King, but who gave her the right to snatch my son and send him to Vanvaas for 14 years. She hugs him and cries. He asks her not to say this. Sumitra says Kaikeyi has divided this Ayodhya today. She asks Ram not to leave them. Ram consoles her. Manthara comes and looks on. Ram says I will always live in your heart. Dasharath says I was afraid that my entire family will shatter. Manthara thinks this fear has turned into reality, I have shattered your family. She smiles.

Precap: Ram says I want to see you and remember forever. Sita says no need for this, you won’t go for Vanvaas alone. He asks what do you mean.


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