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The Episode starts with Rishi telling Ram about Luv and Kush. Ram smiles and says notable. Rishivar says Luv and Kush have made an area in our hearts on the grounds that 14 years. Ram says 14 years, 8 months and four days, due to the fact Sita left. He asks what’s the call in their father, what does he do. Rishi says those boys don’t have a dad, sorry, i can’t say anything else, it is going to be against their mum’s appreciate. Ram says one remaining question, what’s the call in their mother. Rishi says Vandevi. Ram receives sad. Ram says they’ll get rewarded for their bravery, these awful humans gets punished for their cruel crimes. Sita asks Vanar to head home, his dad and mom would be waiting. Vanar says i have lost them years in the past, I haven’t any home and circle of relatives. Luv and Kush ask him not to lie, Sita has known as him as son, so he has a home and own family now, that is the whole fact, he can’t depart them now, he can live with them. Sita smiles.

They ask Vanar what’s his name. Sita says Dheera, who has saved Dheeraj/staying power in tough times, who stood together with his family in troubles. Vanar greets her. Sita blesses him and thinks in addition they got pleasant with a vanar like Ram did.

Ram says you all deserve the punishment, you have got ruined the animals’ homes, you have to bear the punishment. He asks Laxman to punish them. Laxman agrees. Luv and Kush argue and say we can’t ask mum. Sita asks Kush to ask her if he has a question. Kush says you said Ram will do the justice, however we’ve got visible the bad human beings’s crimes, how will Ram do justice without given that. She says he wishes a notion to do justice.

Kush asks what will Ram do. She says Shri Ram, take his name with respect, his call has the energy of devotion, write his name on a stone and placed it in waters, then see how the stone floats in water. She goes. Kush says I don’t assume that is genuine. Dheera says we will ask Maharishi. They visit Valmiki and greets him. They ask what justice will Shri Ram do. Valmiki asks how am i able to read his mind, he is precise and his justice is also particular. Kush says excellent, you say this and mum said that his call is robust that stone floats on water, its now not feasible. Valmiki says the whole thing is possible whilst its about him, maybe the stone will glide. He goes. Dheera says there may be some thing on this name, Ram seems like a paranormal call. They get a stone and think. they are saying its not proper to doubt on mum’s words. Kush says mum usually want us to strive what we want and grow to be positive. Luv says i will try this so you in no way doubt her words. Kush says first-rate. He writes Ram’s call on the stone. Luv says no longer Ram, however Shri Ram. He writes Shri. They take the stone to throw on the waters. They throw the stone. They see the stone going within the river.

Kush says mum is innocent. Luv says while mum knows that the stone didn’t float, she might be hurt. Kush says sure, if she knows this, her notion will break. Dheera says we are able to now not tell her about this. Kush has the same opinion. Luv asks can we do a sin to misinform mum. Kush says its no longer a sin to cover the truth, we won’t talk to mum. Luv says hiding reality is also a sin. Kush tells Valmiki’s shlok, just say top truth, that is Dharm, why to smash mum’s belief, we gained’t communicate to her about this. They depart. They go the bridge. Dheera receives stunned and gets lower back. He says I felt something peculiar, like a few risk is coming. Luv says there may be some thing. Kush says i’m able to definitely see the problem. He says the ones goons have come back. They see the infantrymen. they are saying they have got the praise, they’ve turn out to be soldiers of Ayodhya, now they are able to harm even human beings. Luv says even Valmiki’s phrases weren’t proper. Valmiki comes. Luv asks him about Ram’s justice. Kush says crook were given rewarded instead being punished. Sita appears on.

Precap: Luv and Kush see the fire and try to vacate the ashram.


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