Luv Kush 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dasharath reviews the revile. His rulers come. He says I need to be separated from everyone else for quite a while. Kaushalya says future would end on the off chance that you live in past. Dasharath says past consistently frightens what’s to come. Kaushalya says you shouldn’t have any dread of past and future. Dasharath says I didn’t get any expectation from Rishi. She says the given conundrum is an expectation, we need to illuminate it. He says I neglected to understand it. She says my heart says the puzzle isn’t hard to settle, you committed an error, we are additionally mindful, we couldn’t comprehend, you went to Rishi as the King, you ought to have gone as a destitute man. He says right, I need to go to ashram once more. She says most likely, we as a whole ought to go there. His rulers gesture. Kaushalya says we ought to go there as destitute. They wear regular clothes and cross the voyage shoeless, being joined together and sharing distress and agony. They eat organic products. Dasharath and his significant other ascension the mountain and reach Rishivar.

Rishivar invites them and favors. Dasharath says I m not the King now, I m only a childless man, I don’t need my spouses to get rebuffed for my error. Rishivar says you had come here as King, your heart is unassuming now and your voice is sweet, you have changed and got total, you found the solution of your puzzle, your tears are salty than the ocean water, yet sweet in feelings, congratulations you have discovered the arrangement. Dasharath says it implies you… Rishivar says indeed, I will do the yagya to satisfy your desire. They all get back home. Rishivar says we need to get Agnidev’s darshan, we can see him when we dispose of fears, questions and stresses. Dasharath and his rulers play out the puja. They go through the time on earth of Sadhu and Sadhvis. Sita says Agnidev needed to regard their commitment and give them Darshan. Agnidev shows up. Everybody welcomes him.

Agnidev says I m satisfied by your yagya, have the product of your deeds. He gives him a prasad. He says your spouses will get youngsters in the wake of having this prasad, your kids will be a model for the world, they will demonstrate another bearing to the whole mankind. Dasharath expresses gratitude toward him. Agnidev vanishes. Rishivar says give this prasad to your three spouses. Dasharath concurs. He gives them the prasad. Sumitra asks Kaikeyi to take prasad before her. Kaikeyi gets happy and takes the prasad. Sumitra sees the prasad finishing. She gets dismal. Kaushalya says don’t stress, you can get half offer from me. Kaikeyi says and mine as well. Kaushalya and Kaikeyi feed the prasad to Sumitra. Dasharath grins. They eat the prasad. Rishivar says congratulations King, you will move toward becoming dad of four children, Sumitra will get two children as a result of the affection from Kaushalya and Kaikeyi. They grin. Kaikeyi says we will get obligation of four children.

Ayodhya is seen commending the introduction of Dasharath’s children. Master ji names Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan. Dasharath places his children in the supports. The Rishis and individuals sing the bhajan. At the ashram, everybody serenade Ram’s name and move. Valmiki grins. Sita cries seeing her children.

Precap: Kush says Shri Ram has come in our ashram. Sita escapes him.


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