Luv Kush 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Luv Kush 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sita and her sisters talking about Raavan. Sita says if there is Raavan, there will be someone to defeat him. A mad bull runs in the market. The women run and shout for help. A boy falls down. Ram stands in between. The bull stops. Ram picks the kid. The bull goes back. The lady hugs the kid and says you are a great soul, the wild bull got calm seeing you. Sita recalls Raavan’s words.

Urmila says two princes have come, they are unique, since they come here, they did a miracle, everyone is praising them. Ram, Laxman and Vishwamitra come to the palace. They get a welcome. Sita says I want to see who is that prince. She runs to see. Ram says Guru dev, if you permit, I want to see Mithila and its beauty. Vishwamitra nods. Ram goes.

Janak and Sunaina come to the Divya Dhanak and greet. They see Raavan sitting there. Sunaina sees the empty seats. She asks Janak where did the other kings and princes go. Janak says they went, they know its impossible for them to win when Raavan is here. Raavan says I m upset Janak, I will take Sita with me. Sita sees Ram and Laxman. They go. Urmila asks Sita to come. Sita says we will go to the garden and get fresh flowers. Urmila says Sita is getting influenced by the prince. Mandvi says they didn’t even see him. Ram and Laxman like the garden. Laxman praises Ram. Sita comes and hears Ram praising the garden. She smiles. Sita and her sisters pluck flowers.

Mandvi says everyone is scared of Raavan. Shruthkirti says we can talk about something else. She shows Ram to Sita. She asks Sita to go there and pluck flowers. Ram hears anklet sound and looks for her. Siya ram….plays… Ram and Sita finally see each other. Urmila and Laxman come to call them. Laxman sees Urmila. Mandvi and Shruthkirti come. They greet Ram. Urmila says we shall go for Swayamvar. Laxman says Rishivar has called you. Ram and Sita greet each other. Raavan says I have done all arrangements for marriage, everything is ready, I will chant mantras, who is more knowledgeable than me. He boasts of himself. Sita comes in the Sabha. Vaidehi….plays…..

Sita looks for Ram. Urmila says that prince didn’t come. Sita says he will surely come. Janak greets everyone and welcomes them in Sita’s Swayamvar. He says this is Shiv Dhanush, I decided to find suitable groom for Sita by the medium of this Divya Dhanush, the man who strings this Dhanush will be my Sita’s groom. He starts the Swayamvar. Raavan gets up. He sees everyone else sitting back. He laughs. He says I liked it, just I m capable to string the Dhanush. He says I m Gyaani, powerful, but you don’t know that I love justice and like entertainment. He says everyone will get a chance, when you all fail and sit back, then I will prove that just I m the mighty.

Raavan says remember that participating in this Swayamvar would mean that you are challenging me, would you like to participate for this price. The prince sits back. Raavan laughs. Urmila asks what will happen now, ask dad to end Swayamvar right away. Mandvi says one you are waiting for, won’t come, he has also run away by Raavan’s fear. Sita says I have a belief that he will come and lift this Shiv Dhanush.

Precap: Raavan asks Ram to lift Shiv Dhanush. Ram says I can’t do this, I m not invited for this Swayamvar.


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