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The Episode starts with Sita thinking of Manthara. She worries. Ram asks her why is she worried, say it clearly. Sita says I m thinking about Manthara. He says she is fine, what are you thinking about her. She says she fell down the stairs, she was smiling cunningly, its strange. He says its really strange, how can someone smile in such a situation. She says I m concerned thinking of her smile, it was very weird. Ram says a woman’s intuition is very true, come with me. Dasharath asks Manthara what’s the solution that Ram won’t go away.

Manthara says a son can go away from a dad, a king can’t go away from his duty, my solution is, you do Ram’s Rajya Abhishek. Dasharath thinks. Manthara says Ram will be busy in Rajya work, he will always be with you, you can give other work to your other sons, if you don’t do this Rajya Abhishek, Vishwamitra or other Rishi will take him for help, Ram has to become a king some day, don’t delay the good thing. He says I will think about it. She says Taadka killing, Shiv Dhanush breaking, and marrying Sita, isn’t an easy thing, Ram is extraordinary, you shouldn’t think of making him the King, I think so. She smiles.

Everyone is talking and smiling. Ram and Sita come there. Ram asks Sita to talk to them. Sita asks will it be fine to talk at this time. Ram says family is like a food plate, it has sweet and sour things, you have to talk to them without any hesitation. Kaushalya asks them to come. Kaikeyi asks Ram what is the matter. Ram says Kaikeyi knows me more than myself. Kaikeyi says yes, the matter looks serious. Sita says its about Manthara. Kaushalya asks what happened to her. Manthara is much hurt and screams. She says Kaushalya you will be in much pain. Sita tells everything. Laxman says maybe Manthara got hurt on her head, so she was smiling. Kaikeyi says she is an old maid, maybe she saw our love and smiled happily.

Kaushalya says no, Manthara smiled in such way, Sita is right, I also doubt Manthara, she is planning something dangerous. Kaikeyi says Manthara says she can’t plan anything against us, Sita is new here and doesn’t know her, I will talk to her. Sumitra says yes, Kaikeyi is right, how can Manthara plan this. Sita says she is a maid, but not ordinary, else you would have not discussed about her, we should be careful. Kaushalya says no, I have seen Manthara attempting to break the family many times, I had given many warnings, I commanded her to leave the palace, but she didn’t agree, she made excuse of falling down and came back. Kaikeyi says its too much now, what does she want to do by this.

Kaushalya says she wants to brainwash you, you get emotional, that’s why she takes advantage, you make her remember the right place. Kaikeyi cries and says you want to say I m foolish. Kaushalya says no, I mean you have a pure heart, you think everyone is same, else how could Sita see Manthara’s cruel smile, remember if that maid does anything wrong, you will be responsible for this. Kaikeyi says enough, you called me stupid and now you are blaming me in front of your bahu. Kaushalya says stop, I m just explaining you. Kaikeyi goes. Ram says I will convince her. Manthara looks on and smiles.

Ram comes to Kaikeyi. He asks may I come in. Kaikeyi asks him not to be so formal and come, since he never asked this before. He says I didn’t see you so upset before. She says Kaushalya insulted me in front of Sita, what would be Sita thinking that I m foolish. Ram says no. Kaikeyi says I m very hurt, my self esteem is hurt, it would be better that you live right now. Ram apologizes to her. He says I can’t come between you both, your relation is old, I have seen mum’s love for you. Kaikeyi says I know she loves me a lot, but we get hurt by such loving people’s words. Sita cries and blames herself. Kaushalya says trust me, you didn’t do a mistake. Sita says I m new here. Kaushalya says you are new and doesn’t know Kaikeyi. Laxman says Ram will convince Kaikeyi and get her. Ram says if I can’t end this distance, then I will also bear this pain. He goes and keeps his hand on the fire. Kaikeyi cries.

Precap: Dasharath declares Ram as the Ayodhya King. Kaikeyi gets upset and goes. Sita sees Manthara.


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