Luv Kush 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sita getting haldi applied. Sita and her sisters are happy. Sita looks for her earring. Her sisters tease her. Ram recalls getting the earring. He smiles happily. Ram and his brothers go ahead for their marriages. Sita and her sisters come there. The families are happy. Ram and Sita sit in the mandap. Ram’s mothers smile seeing the four couples in the four mandaps. Raavan gets angry and breaks the huge stone by touching it. He recalls his insult. Mandodari comes and asks him to forget it. Raavan asks what shall I forget, I can’t forget Ram and Sita’s smile. Ram makes promises to Sita. Raavan says I will ruin Ram and Sita’s lives, I will take revenge, now a new phase will begin, the phase of Raavan’s revenge. Mandodari worries. Kush asks what revenge did he take. Shatrughan says his revenge was to separate Ram and Sita, he did that. Sita looks on. He says he separated Ram and Sita.

He says my aim was to tell you about Ram and Sita’s union, I had to tell you that Raavan’s strength was less, his heart had ego and hatred for others. He asks them to respect elders and have love for everyone. Pushkar nods. He hugs Luv and Kush. Sita smiles. Subahu says you don’t want to tell us about Raavan, we want to know about the marriages, how you all got welcome in Ayodhya. Shatrughan says everyone in Ayodhya was happy with the marriages. Ram and Sita get a good welcome. Ram praises her. She asks him to tell it again, she likes to hear it. Dasharath hears his wives talking, that the family will get stronger with their bahus joining. Kaikeyi gifts the clothes to Manthara. Kaushalya looks on.

Kaikeyi says we should welcome all the sons equally, not just Bharat. Manthara fills her ears against Ram and other princes. She says don’t forget that Bharat is your own son, your blood. Kaikeyi says mum is known by her motherly love, not womb, Bharat is my son, my life, but Ram is our beloved one. Kaushalya smiles and cries happily. Kaikeyi says Ram will always be dear to me, make four garlands for all my sons. She goes. Kaushalya warns Manthara. She says you won’t be part of the welcome, you were instigating Kaikeyi against the princes. She asks guards not to let Manthara come in the function. Manthara apologizes to her. Kaushalya says I will make you out of the palace soon. Manthara thinks I will make Ram leave.

Precap: Manthara gets revengeful against Ram.


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