Luv Kush 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Dasharath and Kaikeyi seeing the Praja. Kaikeyi’s brother says its amazing. They hug. The four couples arrive. Ram gets blessed by Kaikeyi. Kaushalya does aarti and welcomes the four couples. Everyone smiles. Ram and Sita smile. Their grah pravesh happens. All the four couples get blessed by their parents. The couples sit there for the post marriage rituals. Sumitra prepares them for the coin/marble finding ceremony. Kaikeyi says Ram always knows our heart. Ram says we have to find this coin. Sumitra says right, one who finds the coin stays ruling and happy in the married life. The couples play the game. Laxman gets the marble. Bharat and Shatrughan lose to their wives. Ram and Sita still play.

Sumitra asks who got the marble. Ram and Sita show the marbles. Everyone smiles. Sumitra asks how is this possible, I have put one marble in the milk. Kaikeyi says its fine, we will play again. Ram and Sita play again and get two marbles, when Kaikeyi puts one marble. Kaikeyi says I think Ram will always rule in your life and heart. Everyone smiles. Kaushalya says its a miracle, finding two stones signify that they will always be together. Kaikeyi says their marriage will be an example for the world. Shatrughan asks for food. Kaikeyi says I will ask Manthara to do arrangements. Kaushalya says all arrangements are done. Kaikeyi says that’s why Manthara wasn’t here. Manthara sits crying. She says Kaushalya always hurt my emotions, I will take revenge for my insult.

Pandit asks all the grooms to feed food to their wives. Ram and Sita smile seeing each other. They feed food to each other. Dasharath says I have some imp work, I need to go, you all enjoy the Maha bhoj. Ram gets worried. Sita looks at Ram. Sita comes to her Kaksh. She smiles seeing the room decorations and Ram’s bow. Ram comes. She sits down. He looks at her. He praises her for her Divya touch. Sita says you know my heart. Ram jokes to tease Sita. He asks don’t you like me. She says no, why did you think so. She praises him. He laughs. She asks did you make me say this. He says yes, I also like to hear this from you. She says its cheating. He apologizes. She says no, you can’t make any mistake.

She asks him to go, she will wait for him to come back. He asks from where. She says from dad’s room. He asks how do you know this. She says I have read your emotions on face during Maha bhoj. He says yes, I didn’t see dad so worried before. She asks him to go. He says we are lucky that you have come in this family. She smiles. She says Ram is leaving his newly wedding wife and going, where, why is Ram going towards Dasharath.

Precap: Dasharath says I get scared to get away from my son. Manthara hears him and thinks to use this.


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