Luv Kush 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Dasharath thinking of a curse. He stays worried. Ram comes and massages his leg. Dasharath says you know how to end my worry. Ram says my worry is to know the matter of your mental worry. Dasharath says this time is not to share worry, but to be with Sita. Ram says Sita knew your worry and asked me to come here. Dasharath says you are lucky to get such a wife. Ram says child is lucky if his parents are happy, I won’t go until you tell me about worry, are you worried about Bharat. Dasharath says Shatrughan will also go with Bharat, they both always stay together. Ram says its not a matter of worry. Dasharath tells about the curse. Ram asks what curse, I can’t be silent, its a son, tell me about your heart burden, I m your son, tell me. Dasharath says many years ago, I wasyoung, I was skilled, I was in the jungle, I thought an animal came to drink water at the lake, I shot the arrow.

FB shows Dasharath shooting the arrow. A man screams. Dasharath goes and sees a man dying. He says forgive me, I thought its a wild animal. The man Shravan Kumar says I came to take water for my thirsty parents, they are blind, just feed them water and think this is my wish. He dies. Dasharath cries and says words and arrows can never return back, I had no option than to fulfill his wish. He takes water for Shravan’s parents. He says I m Ayodhya King Dasharath, Shravan’s wish was that I feed you water. Shravan’s mum asks where is he, why did he send you. Dasharath says my arrow has killed him. They cry and curse him that he will also get separated from his son. He gets shocked. FB ends. Dasharath says even today, his parents leave me tensed.

Manthara hears this and thinks to take advantage of this curse. She says I will take revenge on Kaushalya. Ram says I m proud that I m your son, everyone makes mistakes, you could have run away from there, but you accepted your mistake and tried to rectify, you are bearing the punishment even today, I don’t know about the curse, but the world will always remember you for justice and promise keeping, I m your son, I won’t let you lose the path of Dharm, you are the powerful and successful King, you will always be that, my brothers and I won’t leave you until you command, we will always live with you, you will always be in our heart. Dasharath says your promise gave me peace. Ram says now don’t worry about anything, send Bharat and Shatrughan tomorrow. They hug.

Kaikeyi tells servants about the food. She sees Manthara. She says Kaushalya said you are sick. Manthara says I m fine, Kaushalya lied about it. Kaikeyi sends servants. She scolds Manthara. Kaushalya says she asked me to leave you and this palace. Kaikeyi asks what. Kaushalya says so she reached Kaikeyi again. Maid says yes. Kaushalya says I should have known her intentions before.

Manthara brainwashes Kaikeyi. Kaushalya comes and scolds Manthara. Kaikeyi asks her to forgive Manthara. Kaushalya says just trust me about Manthara, she has to leave this palace, you are like my younger sister. Kaikeyi asks Manthara to leave Ayodhya if Kaushalya wants so. Maid comes and says Dasharath called you soon. Kaushalya and Kaikeyi leave. Manthara thinks Kaushalya, someone else will go from Ayodhya.

Precap: Manthara falls down the stairs. Everyone runs to her. Sita thinks why is she smiling. Kaikeyi asks Manthara not to go anywhere until she recovers.


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