Luv Kush 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Kaikeyi saying I m feeling happy to see you happy. Dasharath says I m thinking to send a gift for your dad, that’s you, I think that will be big gift, you also go to your dad’s house with your sons for some days. She smiles and asks how did you think of this suddenly. He thinks of Ram’s words. He says I know happiness lies in giving freedom to loved ones. Manthara looks on and sees a knife. The queens go for the aarti. They smile hearing Sita’s bhajan. Sita and Ram do the aarti. Everyone smiles. Ram says your voice is melodious Sita. The queens ask him to praise Sita more. Sita says I will give aarti to everyone and arrange food. Dasharath and Kaushalya take prasad. He asks Ram to show everyone that he knows praising someone’s talent. Ram starts praising Sita’s melodious voice in poetic style. Sita and everyone smile.

Kaushalya praises Ram’s praise. Kaikeyi scolds the maids for making her bahus work and cook food. Sita asks Kaikeyi and everyone to come and have food. Everyone eats the food. Dasharath asks Sita what’s all this. Sita says forgive me, I will make it again. Laxman says whatever you all did today isn’t right. Kaikeyi asks what’s the matter. Kaushalya says Sita and her sisters made tasty food, and its our favorite dishes. Everyone smiles. Laxman asks how will we manage when you go to Ayodhya. Kaikeyi says if its so tasty, I will also taste it. Sita says I have made your fav halwa. Kaikeyi tastes it and likes a lot. She says I m thinking not to go to my dad’s house to have tasty food here. Mandvi says Sita gets all the credit, she instructed us. Kaikeyi asks how did you know about our fav dishes. Sita says Ram told me to ask Shatrughan about everyone’s fav dishes, so I took his help. Sumitra blesses Ram and Sita.

Kaikeyi is leaving. She blesses her bahus. Sita asks her to come back before missing them. Kaikeyi likes her earrings. Sita smiles and recalls Ram gifting her earrings for her first rasoi ritual. Sita sees Ram and smiles. Sita hugs Kaikeyi. Manthara comes there. She sees Kaushalya. She breaks her stick and falls down shouting. Everyone gets shocked. Everyone wishes to her. Sita thinks why is Manthara smiling in this state. Kaikeyi and Ram take Manthara back. Vaid treats Manthara and says she can’t travel in this state. Manthara says I have to go, I can’t stay here. Kaikeyi says you sleep, I will go and talk to Kaushalya, once you get fine, we will go together. She goes. Manthara gets up and gets angry on Kaushalya. Manthara comes to Dasharath. She says I will go if you are busy. He asks her the matter. She says I followed Ram and came here, sorry, I heard your talk with Ram. He gets angry. He asks her to get out of his room before he punishes her. She says your tension won’t end if you send me away, I have a solution to make you free of your fear. He asks what solution. She says you will never get separated from Ram. She smiles.

Precap: Sita says I have seen Manthara’s cunning smile. Ram believes her intuition. He asks her to tell this to everyone.


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