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The Episode starts with the Vasant pageant celebrated in Ayodhya. each person sings, dances and is happy. Raja Ram ke angan mein…..plays…. Ram’s brothers and Sita’s sisters sing the music and pray. Ram and Sita are visible. everyone does their aarti. Mangal….plays… A negative woman involves searching for their help. She shows her wounds. She says I needed to go the manner at night time and took refuge at a sailor’s residence, who has given me recognize as his mum, however when I lower back home, my husband had doubt in his eyes, he called me characterless and made me out of the house. She cries. Sita says your husband has given you a whole lot wounds by using his doubt. Ram speaks of consider, its energy while it gets mutual. He says wife shows her believe by using worshipping her husband, its a criminal offense of the husband doubts on her loyalty.

Laxman says permit me to go and punish that husband. Ram says you can’t win believe through instilling worry, pass take this female home and explain her husband about the equity in relationships, its my command that the man apologizes to his spouse and accepts his mistake. The female thanks Ram. Ram sees Sita. She smiles. The woman praises Ram and Sita’s jodi. She goes.

Ram involves Sita and asks her why is she worried. She asks how do you know. He says i will usually read your coronary heart. She smiles. She says I m no longer worried now, the female’s husband apologized to her and widely wide-spread her, you got here to present this news. He asks how do you recognize. She says why, just you’ve got the skills to attain heart of existence associate, I also can study your coronary heart and face, your face indicates you are hungry. He laughs. She feeds him. He says i was questioning that you should stop cooking meals for me. She asks why, did his love get less. He says my love were given greater. He feeds her meals. He says on the grounds that our toddler goes to come in this global, you have to take relaxation. She says Vaid ji stated that too much relaxation isn’t precise. He says I need to practice this, how are you going to cook meals if you have to manipulate them, its imp, I anticipate the moment after I feed my child by using my arms, i will teach him and make him the string that unites us once more if we ever get separated. Sita turns hearing this. He asks what befell. She smiles.

She says guys forget their better halves after having a infant. He says no, i used to be just…. She says you are just talking about yourself and your infant, you didn’t mention me and informed about our separation, the kid is getting all the eye. He says in case you suppose my love will get divided, then i would by no means inform you that i really like you, however i will express that my love will usually be the identical for you and our toddler.

Its morning, Ram and Sita consider every different all of the time. They spend time and are visible satisfied. Sita looks after a infant. Ram smiles. He surprises her. Ram goes to a temple. He sees a person treating his spouse badly. He identifies its the same lady who came to take assist. the person insults his spouse. The lady says Ram has additionally stated my purity. the person says I m no longer Ram, he has commonplace Sita, who had stayed in Raavan’s region, he has given you the repute of a pure spouse as well. The lady asks him not to mention this about Sita. the person says we didn’t see when Sita gave Agnipariksha, did all of us see. everyone seems on. Ram gets bowled over hearing this. the man says this is Ram Rajya. The lady says if you didn’t accept me as natural through heart, why did you receive Ram’s command. the man says Ram is the king, he can’t alternate my questioning. Ram is going thinking and sees the men insulting the ladies by means of giving examples of Sita. He cries. Ram sits to have meals and asks Sita didn’t she prepare dinner nowadays. Sita signs and symptoms no. Sita’s sisters come and say we can make some thing else. He says its first-rate, the food is really tasty. Sita says my sisters will deal with food arrangements now. Ram’s brothers combat and asks Ram to decide, who will make him put on the Patrapaan/footwear. Sita asks them to make Ram beautify his ornaments. She says I can be taking relaxation any longer, my Devars will be fulfilling my duties.

Sita is going out and calls out her son. Hanuman opens his eyes. The mountains start to break down. A hurricane moves. Rishi says this is Ram Yagya, we are able to get assist from Ram, this mountain gained’t shatter. Hanuman lifts the mountain and permits them to preserve the yagya. He flies away. He places them at a secure location. Rishi says you have stored our lives and let us complete the yagya, ask what you want. Hanuman says simply bless my Lord, I might be blessed, Mata is calling me. He flies to Sita. He touches her feet and takes blessings. He says I may be seeing your coming toddler and going. She says you’ll be staying here for all time now, I won’t be capable of provide time to Ram. He says sure, you have to manage the kid. She says you have to be with Ram in my absence, promise me, you will never go away him by myself. He promises. He is going to tell Rama about her command. Ram says such a cool pleasant wind… Hanuman chants his name and comes to greet him. Ram hugs him.

Hanuman says Sita asked me to live right here in Ayodhya usually. Ram receives shocked and remembers Sita’s words. He rushes to Sita. He sees her and cries. Mere paas tum hi…..plays…. She serves the meals to him. She embellishes him with the adorns and crown. She cries and says you’ve got answer for everything, you haven’t any solution for a blame, i can’t see you helpless like this. Ram says it method you knew the whole thing. She says I examine your face. He says the contemplating humans are wrong. She says I ought to trade it, the query is posed on every woman, a female has to shield her self esteem, i’m able to depart Ayodhya and undergo Vanvas unless Ayodhya’s thinking about girls trade. Ram says our infant is going to are available in this global. She says Rajya needs the king. He says if this crown makes me far from you and my coming infant, i can sacrifice it. She stops him and reminds his promise.

She asks him to permit her, its the decision to preserve her esteem, a queen has to go away her rights so that a woman gets her recognize. She asks him to guide her. He nods and cries. They hug.

everybody hears the statement from King Ram. Sita eliminates her embellishes. She asks her sisters to come to be sturdy. Her sisters cry. Sita says Ram’s head should in no way bow down. Ram’s brothers get shocked and cry. Bharat says i’m able to’t try this sin, you can punish me. Shatrughan falls in Ram’s ft and says don’t do this with me, even an enemy can’t punish in this sort of manner, i can’t do that. Ram says Laxman you have usually fulfilled my command, you need to drop Sita to the jungle. Laxman cries and says you are the most imp person for me on this global, i’m able to constantly obey you, am i able to ask you some thing, are you a helpless King, or my elder brother. Ram says when its about members of the family, King or commoner, both are helpless.

Laxman says i’m able to’t consider this, you may by no means be helpless, you weren’t helpless when you regularly occurring 14 years vanvaas, Sita already gave Agnipariksha, why are you helpless to ship her to Vanvas/exile again, why are you being attentive to Praja. Ram says Praja is likewise like a infant for King. Laxman says even Sita is your own family, why are you placing your coming infant in hassle. Ram refuses to reply something. He commands Laxman to drop queen Sita to a jungle faraway from Ayodhya. Laxman says you’ve got killed the Raavan, you have got revived him today, Raavan couldn’t separate you , he has won after his demise, i can fulfill your command, the day your infant knows about your selection, he will hate you and in no way accept as true with you. He angrily leaves. Ram cries.

Precap: Sita’s struggles are visible. Little Lav and Kush are seen.


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