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The Episode starts with Sita asking her sisters to never get emotionally susceptible. She hugs them and asks them to let her move now. They cry. Sita asks them to usually do their obligations. She says promise me that you’ll in no way query your husbands or Ram. Hanuman comes and cries. He asks Sita not to do this. She says i’ve taken your promise to always serve Ram. He says you could’t leave Ayodhya, Ram will wreck down. Sita says that’s why i have called you, your devotion will deliver him electricity, you simply see the Raghukul flag, its a symbol of Raghukul’s satisfaction, in no way permit this spoil down.

The human beings accumulate and suppose why did Ram summon them. Ram cries. Sita comes to him and makes him fill her maang with sindoor. He cries. Laxman shouts to the humans of Ayodhya. He says Praja has accused Sita’s individual,

Ram has decided to sacrifice his relation with Sita. The people get stunned. Laxman cries. Ram holds Sita’s hand and receives her outside the palace. Mere ram….performs…. Ram cries seeing her leave. She walks downstairs. The earth begins to shake. She sees the Raghukul flag falling down. Hanuman runs and picks the flag. He flies and places the flag back on the pinnacle of the palace. Sita smiles and thank you him. She leaves, even as humans chant her call. Ram stops the Praja. Sita sees Ram. Ram says you ought to praise when a struggle is gained, these days Ayodhya has misplaced a huge battle, a female is leaving her house, its incorrect thinking to sing praises for this. He talks of women rights.
He says I feel the character is also towards the girls, that’s why even solar will become a witness till it receives darkish, but I don’t want any proof for Sita’s purity, she will be able to constantly be natural in my eyes, I didn’t stop my relation with her, she has taken this choice to preserve a female’s esteem, I m helping her as her husband, its imp to alternate this wondering, i’m able to serve the Praja as a king, however i’m able to live the same existence as his wife spends in the exile, Sita won’t return till Ayodhya’s guys don’t deliver the deserved appreciate to their wives. He says don’t call me Maryada Purushottam, given that Sita is leaving Ayodhya now. all people cries.

Ram says Sita have to be praised, now not Ram. The negative woman chants Siya and Ram’s call. Sita cries and leaves within the chariot. Ram cries. Laxman takes Sita to the jungle. Vaidehi….plays…. He says i will’t go away you alone, this location isn’t secure. Sita says Ram has commanded you to leave me inside the jungle, no longer any safe location. Laxman says I don’t forget the king’s command, however a son can’t leave his mum alone in the jungle. She asks why does a lady should see her dad, husband and son for her safety, i’ve taken the decision and will make a way. He asks in this nation while you are wearing a toddler. She says I realize the way to shield her infant, i’m able to do my responsibility of a mum, you hold a responsibility of a minister. She is going to step down at the ground.

Laxman gives her slippers. He says its a minister’s duty, but I have to do a son’s obligation additionally. He asks Sita no longer to snatch his rights. He cries. His tear falls on her foot. She goes. He touches the soil. She asks him to depart, in view that she has left everything. Ram is disenchanted. He says I m burdened with the aid of the Rajya crown, I m now not with my spouse, Sita selected her goals on my own, however its difficult to discover a course on my own. Sita walks round within the jungle. She remembers Ram’s phrases. She cries. Ram receives stressed. Laxman comes back to the palace and says i’ve fulfilled the king’s order. Ram cries.

Laxman says i’ve given Sita’s sacrifice for your pleasure and status, I left my mum on my own inside the dark jungle. Sita gets to hear the wild animals’ cry at night time. She receives surrounded by many wolves. She holds her womb.

Precap: Laxman says Ram shouldn’t worry how Sita struggles within the jungle. Laxman and Hanuman combat. Hanuman asks who might be the ray of wish in Sita’s Vanvas. younger Lav and Kush are seen.


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