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Ram comes to Sita and asks her for what good reason is she stressed. She asks how would you know. He says I can generally peruse your heart. She grins. She says I m not stressed now, the woman’s better half apologized to her and acknowledged her, you came to give this news. He asks how would you know. She says why, just you have the ability to arrive at heart of life accomplice, I can likewise peruse your heart and face, your face demonstrates you are eager. He chuckles. She bolsters him. He says I was imagining that you should quit preparing nourishment for me. She inquires as to why, did his affection get less. He says my affection got more. He encourages her nourishment. He says since our tyke is going to come in this world, you should take rest. She says Vaid ji said that a lot of rest isn’t great. He says I need to rehearse this, in what capacity will you cook sustenance when you need to oversee them, its pixie, I sit tight for the minute when I feed my tyke by my hands, I will show him and make him the string that joins us again in the event that we ever get isolated. Sita turns hearing this. He asks what occurred. She grins. She says men overlook their spouses in the wake of having a kid. He says no, I was simply… . She says you are simply discussing yourself and your tyke, you didn’t make reference to me and told about our detachment, the kid is getting all the consideration. He says on the off chance that you figure my adoration will get partitioned, at that point I could never disclose to you that I cherish you, yet I will express that my affection will consistently be the equivalent for you and our youngster.

Ram and Sita recollect each other constantly. They invest energy and are seen cheerful. Sita deals with a child. Ram grins. He astounds her. Ram goes to a sanctuary. He sees a man treating his better half gravely. He recognizes its a similar lady who came to take help. The man affronts his significant other. The woman says Ram has additionally expressed my virtue. The man says I m not Ram, he has acknowledged Sita, who had remained in Raavan’s place, he has given you the status of an unadulterated spouse also. The woman asks him not to say this regarding Sita. The man says we didn’t see when Sita gave Agnipariksha, did anybody see. Everybody looks on. Ram gets stunned hearing this. The man says this is Ram Rajya. The woman says on the off chance that you didn’t acknowledge me as unadulterated by heart, for what reason did you acknowledge Ram’s direction. The man says Ram is the ruler, he can’t change my reasoning. Ram goes thinking and sees the men offending the ladies by giving instances of Sita. He cries. Ram sits to have sustenance and asks Sita didn’t she cook today. Sita signs no. Sita’s sisters come and state we will make something different. He says its fine, the sustenance is extremely delectable. Sita says my sisters will deal with nourishment game plans now. Ram’s siblings battle and requests that Ram choose, who will make him wear the Patrapaan/shoes. Sita requests that they cause Ram to embellish his decorations. She says I will take lay starting now and into the foreseeable future, my Devars will satisfy my obligations.

Sita goes out and gets out her child. Hanuman opens his eyes. The mountains start to separate. A tempest strikes. Rishi says this is Ram Yagya, we will get help from Ram, this mountain won’t break. Hanuman lifts the mountain and gives them a chance to proceed the yagya. He takes off. He puts them at a sheltered spot. Rishi says you have spared our lives and given us a chance to finish the yagya, ask what you need. Hanuman says simply favor my Lord, I will be honored, Mata is calling me. He travels to Sita. He contacts her feet and takes endowments. He says I will see your coming kid and going. She says you will remain here always now, I won’t probably offer time to Ram. He says truly, you need to deal with the tyke. She says you must be with Ram in my nonattendance, guarantee me, you will never disregard him. He guarantees. He goes to educate Rama concerning her direction. Ram says such a cool charming breeze… Hanuman drones his name and comes to welcome him. Ram embraces him.

Hanuman says Sita requested that I remain here in Ayodhya consistently. Ram gets stunned and reviews Sita’s words. He races to Sita. He sees her and cries. She serves the sustenance to him. She enhances him with the adornments and crown. She cries and says you have answer for everything, you have no response for a fault, I can’t see you powerless like this. Ram says it implies you knew it all. She says I read your face. He says the considering individuals aren’t right. She says I need to transform it, the inquiry is presented on each lady, a lady needs to secure her confidence, I will leave Ayodhya and bear Vanvas except if Ayodhya’s contemplating ladies change.

Ram says our kid is going to come in this world. She says Rajya needs the ruler. He says if this crown makes me away from you and my coming tyke, I will forfeit it. She stops him and reminds his guarantee. She requests that he grant her, its the choice to keep her regard, a ruler needs to leave her rights with the goal that a lady gets her regard. She requests that he bolster her. He gestures and cries. They embrace. Everybody hears the declaration from King Ram. Sita evacuates her trimmings. She requests that her sisters become solid. Her sisters cry. Sita says Ram’s head ought to never bow down. Ram’s siblings get stunned and cry. Bharat says I can’t do this wrongdoing, you may rebuff me. Shatrughan falls in Ram’s feet and says don’t do this with me, even an adversary can’t rebuff in such a way, I can’t do this. Ram says Laxman you have constantly satisfied my order, you need to drop Sita to the wilderness. Laxman cries and says you are the most devil individual for me in this world, I will consistently obey you, would i be able to ask you something, are you a powerless King, or my senior sibling. Ram says when its regarding relations, King or ordinary person, both are powerless.

Laxman says I can’t accept this, you can never be defenseless, you weren’t powerless when you acknowledged 14 years vanvaas, Sita previously gave Agnipariksha, for what reason are you vulnerable to send her to Vanvas/banish again, for what reason are you tuning in to Praja. Ram says Praja is additionally similar to a tyke for King. Laxman says even Sita is your family, for what reason are you putting your coming kid in a tough situation. Ram won’t answer anything. He directions Laxman to drop ruler Sita to a wilderness away from Ayodhya. Laxman says you have killed the Raavan, you have restored him today, Raavan couldn’t separate both of you, he has won after his passing, I will satisfy your direction, the day your youngster thinks about your choice, he will loathe you and never trust you. He furiously leaves. Ram cries.

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