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The Episode starts with Ram asking Laxman to pay attention to him. Laxman says your brother doesn’t exist for you, I m just a minister, i’ve always fulfilled your command, may also I depart now. Bharat asks Laxman not to talk to Ram like this. Laxman says I m talking to the king. Hanuman gets indignant. Laxman leaves. Ram cries. Hanuman seems on and goes after Laxman. Sita receives surrounded through the wolves. She says cross again, depart me and my child on my own. The wolves assault her. She alternatives some sticks and makes bow and arrow. She says killing animal is a sin but saving a toddler is mum’s responsibility, its my remaining warning, go back. She turns and shoots all the wolves that assault her.

Its morning, Sita turns and sees a few Rishi coming. Laxman shoots the arrows to vent our anger. His spouse comes and looks on. Hanuman throws his Gada to blast the region. He gets his Gada returned. Laxman seems on. He asks why did you come back right here. Hanuman says I want to stop a catastrophe. Laxman says i’m able to understand your hint and recognize you, however I don’t want to pay attention your advice. Hanuman says I came here to tell abour Ram’s sorrow, he’s hurt via your irritated conduct. Laxman says he has created this trouble. Hanuman says its a problem for me, I request you, no longer to do this again. Laxman says what if I do that once more. Hanuman says then, a devotee will stand in front of a brother. Laxman’s spouse runs away. Rishi tells some mantras. He says Ram Katha is incomplete, so that you have come right here to complete it, Devi Sita. Sita asks do you know me. He nods and says i have written Ramayan, I m Valmiki, my ashram is nearby, it will be true in case you stay there. She asks how did you perceive me. He says I were given Divya Drishti to write Ramayan from Brahmadev, i’ve visible the entirety.

Laxman says i used to be also Ram’s devotee but… Hanuman says devotion has no space for doubt, it depends on accept as true with. Laxman says you agree with Ram, you forget Sita’s sacrifice. Hanuman says i will’t see her tears, i can’t cross in opposition to Ram. Laxman asks why are you silent. Hanuman says it was Sita’s choice. Laxman says she has gone to jungle, why didn’t Ram move there, do you’ve got any answer now. Hanuman says there is just belief in devotion, you are thinking the belief, I m lots harm, don’t do that. Sita’s sisters run to Bharat and Shatrughan. they are saying about Laxman and Hanuman’s argument.

Laxman says you acquire Sanjeevani and gave me a brand new life, however I won’t listen to you. Hanuman says I did that as I couldn’t see tears in Ram’s eyes, i’m able to’t see him in ache even today, even if you are the purpose for his sorrow. Laxman says Ram has lost his existence now, he’s just a helpless king, who can placed his wife, brother and unborn infant at stake to get the throne. Hanuman shouts enough Laxman. They get prepared to fight. Bharat gets taken aback. He asks what are you doing, maintain your weapons back, family needs to be collectively in hard time, you are preventing, just think what is going to Ram go through. Shatrughan says Bhaiya…. They see Ram.

Valmiki says you agreed to live in ashram, the humans gets heaven knowing you are here to live, you stepped on Mithila land and ended the drought. Sita sees the river. He asks her to purify the river. She says i can live right here in case you don’t tell my reality to every body. He asks but why. She says some instances, someone’s creation ruins his identity, if the humans know who am I and my toddler’s father, they will admire but no longer take delivery of him, my infant won’t get any love right here, he can be just Ram’s infant, he can’t make personal identity. He says simplest you can get such awesome thoughts, excellent, you came in jungle as Ram’s wife, but you will live right here as my daughter.

Ram says I won’t prove something, Sita has long past here, she believed that this family will usually have harmony and love, don’t spoil her perception. guy says Rajmata Kaushalya has come. Bharat asks what’s going to you inform her. Ram says fact, it could’t be hidden, it hurts a lot, we have to inform Kaushalya that Sita is in the jungle.

Valmiki introduces Sita as his daughter. He asks the women to take unique care of her, she is pregnant. The lady says its suitable news, however why is she on my own in this kingdom, in which is her husband. The women ask Sita. Sita says i have taken selection to break out for some cause. She hears the girls speakme.

Precap: Sita cries and her tears fall within the river. Valmiki sees a hurricane inside the river. Ram sleeps at the floor. Sita sleeps on the ground in ashram. young Lav and Kush are visible.


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