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The Episode begins with Pragya taking the decision from Inspector. Abhi says hi there. simply then the line gets disturbed. Pragya says officer, are you able to pay attention me? Inspector takes the call. Abhi tells Inspector that something isn’t proper, someone wants to lure Prachi. She didn’t carry drugs with her, so a person have to have saved it. He says something is incorrect. Inspector says when you have doubt then i will ask that officer to send the photos for forensic check. He talks to Subodh and asks him to send the photos to forensic department. Subodh says good enough. Inspector says there is no possibilities. Pragya tells that she will bail her out. She receives down from the jeep. Subodh asks Abhi to locate a few other proofs and no longer to depend on this proof. Rhea gets happy hearing this and says i am saved. Abhi comes and calls her. He asks her to return and meet him in the room.

Disha talks to the receptionist and asks her to reveal her form. Receptionist refuses and says medical doctor asked me not to expose your form to you. Disha asks why? She says this ring is very luxurious, in case you inform me then i’m able to go back this ring to that character and thank him. Receptionist suggests the form to Disha. Disha sees the shape and is stunned to look Purab’s name. She recollects their marriage and so forth and returns the form to Receptionist.

Purab takes Aaliya to room and asks her to relaxation. Aaliya holds his hand. He says he needs to make urgent calls and have to move. She asks did you inform whatever within the residence. Purab says no. Aaliya says it is our first secret. She kisses his hand and asks where is his marriage ring. Purab tells her that he gave it to jeweller. He says it was loose. Aaliya says I don’t cope with you nicely. He asks her to relaxation and go away. Aaliya thinks she always desired to get interest by him.

Abhi asks Rhea if she can tell herself and says i’ve visible something inside the pictures. He asks do you have got any connection in some thing occurred with Prachi. Rhea says why will I do anything? Abhi says you always had hassle with Prachi and says i’m able to display you what i have visible in the pictures. Vikram comes and asks what? Rhea gets involved. Abhi says i have visible this guy and took his p.c. He indicates Nishant’s p.c and asks who’s he? Rhea says I in reality don’t recognize. Abhi asks then why you are tensed. Vikram says she is a female and asks her to go. Abhi says she did wrong with Prachi twice. Vikram says she doesn’t recognize him. Abhi says then who knows. She says Ranbir additionally doesn’t understand him then who has invited him. He says i can visit police station to peer what to head, says this example may be very messy.

Pragya is within the legal professional’s workplace and calls Sarita behen. She thank you her for sending the money. lawyer’s assistant comes and says Sir is coming. Pragya asks what did choose tell? She asks did you get the bail or now not. lawyer comes and says no, choose rejected the bail plea. Pragya says how he can try this. attorney says choose can provide bail to thief or dacoit, but will by no means give in capsules case. He says we will observe in high court. Pragya asks him to come. He says it’ll be closed now.

Dimpy tells Shaina that Rhea’s dad is wise and could catch their lie. Shaina says even she will be saved. Rhea comes there and says her dad confronted her and requested her and could have knew that i am the offender seeing my tensed face and says Vikram came and stored her. She says I knew that Dad will experience terrible, however don’t know he’ll do that. She says why she is after my dad and says she is glad that important rusticated her from the university.

Nishant calls Rhea at the espresso store at three pm and says he wants to talk to her some thing. Rhea tells her pals that he sounded peculiar. Nishant tells her Uncle that he’ll communicate to her and blackmail her to present extra cash. He says if she don’t agree then i will inform in her university that she is the perpetrator and will also tell her dad.

Ranbir is playing in his mobile whilst sitting inside the police station. His football goes to Inspector. Inspector asks him if all Mehras are mad. Ranbir says leader isn’t always mad and i am not Mehra, but Kohli. Inspector says now you will say that you are Virat kohli’s relative. Ranbir says i’m no longer his relative and if i was his relative then additionally wouldn’t have taken his name. Inspector says Mehra talked to me badly. Ranbir receives indignant and says even you talked to him badly. He asks himself to relax. Abhi comes there and asks Ranbir what’s he doing? Ranbir says he become testing him. Abhi asks him to chill out and asks Inspector about the case. Inspector says Prachi’s case is serious and says session court rejected her bail plea. Abhi is shocked and asks am i able to meet her? Inspector says yes, however for two minutes. He asks Constable to take him to mobile no. 2.

Pragya is already there and meets Prachi. She kisses her hand. Prachi asks why didn’t you do this in night, i might have slept in night. She kisses on Pragya’s forehead and says she did this to present her strength. Pragya gives her tiffin. Prachi says she will get homely feeling right here. Pragya makes her have food together with her hand. Prachi also makes her have food and asks her to mention. Pragya tells that she didn’t get bail. Prachi says it is right and says if I had got bail then I wouldn’t have ask whatever. She asks her to get arbi sabzi. Pragya says I couldn’t get your bail and is failed. Prachi says who made me pass, can’t fail. She says i am best right here. Pragya says don’t tell me this, you’re pronouncing this to increase my braveness. Prachi says we shall not go away desire. Pragya says i can go to excessive court and get bail and asks her no longer to fear. She goes. Prachi asks her to concentrate and says i’m not concerned, you don’t fear. Pragya is walking out of Police station and collides with Ranbir and goes. Abhi sees her from bottom. Ranbir asks what happened? Abhi says nothing.

Abhi involves Prachi and says i am attempting completely and promises that i can get you out. Prachi says i’m now not feeling well here, but i can live here. Don’t ask for forgiveness and says I realize you are attempting. Ranbir asks her to inform him to eat meals and says he didn’t have meals because you are right here. Abhi says i’ve food, bonda. Prachi asks him to say searching at her. Abhi says i’ve meals. Prachi brings her tiffin and asks him to devour. He says it is yours. Prachi asks him to consume if he wants her to eat. She makes him consume. Abhi remembers her moments with Kiara and gets teary eyes. He says meals is tasty and warm additionally. Prachi says simply now Maa delivered it. Abhi says i will deliver your mother. Pragya says Prachi used to offer me courage and i used to offer her wish. She asks God to expose a way and hopes a person facilitates them. Jo bheji thi dua plays….She recalls a person (Abhi) retaining handkerchief for her. She thinks i’m able to find the real culprit and will now not back down.

Prachi asks Ranbir why did you come back with Sir? Ranbir asks can’t I come? She says you must be feeling that I did this? Ranbir says I don’t assume you can do. He says you likes chief and your mother and says you shall trust with their thoughts and shall no longer get affected with anybody else thoughts. She says even you want him. Ranbir says i really like him and respect him. He says leader wishes him to be rockstar. She asks then why didn’t you come to be? Ranbir says my mom and dad needs me to turn out to be some thing. He says chief is that man or woman who supports him absolutely. Prachi says our questioning meets right here. Prachi says your dad asked me to work with you but. Ranbir asks her to get loose first. She asks about primary. He tells that most important praised you and instructed which you top in all subjects. He says I top in everything except research and smiles. Prachi receives emotional and says she is missing the whole lot. Ranbir looks within the lock up.

Rhea thinks to take Ranbir along with her to fulfill Nishant. She asks watchman and comes to recognise that he went to satisfy Police station. She then thinks that Ranbir went to provide his shoulder to Prachi and doing her work. She thinks why did he go together with Taxi. Abhi thinks why i was searching on the girl who changed into going from there crying and thinks i get such feeling with Pragya. He thinks Prachi is the only who connects them, if he’s feeling horrific for her then he will feel awful for her mum additionally. He involves her. Prachi asks did you meet mum? Abhi says no. Prachi says you each haven’t met nevertheless. She says due to the fact maa got here right here, she is seeing me in troubles. She says i am afraid of Maa and asks who will cope with her if whatever happens to me. Abhi says I won’t can help you be here. Prachi asks if you will deal with my Maa and asks him to promise that he will stay with her Maa and cope with her. She says if i get punishment then i will have the warranty which you are together with her. Abhi says not anything will happen to you. Prachi asks him to promise. She says you assert that i am like your daughter. Abhi says i really like you and says I received’t permit something show up to you or your mum and asks her no longer to cry. He asks Ranbir to show and tells Prachi that she reminds him of his elder daughter and spouse and tells that he will do the entirety to get her out, but can’t promise as he has the awful report of promise. Ranbir hears him and thinks now I know why Rhea hates you a lot.

Rhea comes to the espresso store to meet Nishant. Nishant asks her to give him two minutes and says you can’t even flow after hearing me. She asks what? Nishant says I want cash. Rhea laughs and asks him to head and earn the cash. Nishant says i am earning profits and says a businessman is calling cash from his consumer. He says i have the video wherein your pals asked me what to do with the medication. Rhea says it is able to be morphed additionally. He says i’m able to tell your dad. He says one of the CCTV footage is missing and is with me and asks her to provide cash and take it. He says there may be a tension among Prachi and you, that is not critical, however what is essential is your dad likes Prachi lots and could kick you out if he comes to know about the reality. Rhea asks how a good deal money you need? He says five lakhs. Nishant says did you forget about whose daughter you’re? He asks her to provide five lakhs and take the CCV pictures. He says if I tell your dad then he will supply me 10 lakhs.

Abhi and Vikram meet attorney. lawyer asks why your attorney haven’t taken this example. He says there may be no hope in this situation and says we, the lawyers take the case which we win. He asks her to inform the woman to accept the crime. Abhi says why she will be able to do when she haven’t accomplished. legal professional says public prosecutor will ask such questions with a purpose to damage your respect.

Precap: Nishant is suffocating Rhea’s neck. Pragya comes there and slaps him. She says she is my daughter. She then asks Rhea to assist her and asks her to inform who has stored pills in Prachi’s bag.


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