Ramayana and Mahabharata are being telecast again on Doordarshan during Coronavirus Lockdown. While Ramayana serial is coming on DD National, Mahabharata is being shown on DD Bharati.

Both these shows are very special for Indian audiences and are classics. Memories of a generation are associated with these two shows in the eighties. That is why when the news of the re-airing of these shows came, social media was filled with old memories.

Amidst these memories, a Behind the Scene video of Mahabharata is recalled again, in which all the actors of Mahabharata are looking very emotional wearing their characters. The video follows the shooting of the last episode of Mahabharata, in which the actors are meeting each other.

In the video, you can see that Feroz Khan’s character playing Arjun is not stopping. Rohit Ganguly, who plays Draupadi, has been seen comforting Feroze, who became a Krishna, and Draupadi, who was crying in Arjun’s getup.

The sons of the show’s director Ravi Chopra (BR Chopra) are being hugged by all the actors. Goofy Pantal, who plays Shakuni, Praveen Kumar, who plays Bhima, Yudhishthira turned Gajendra Chauhan, Virender Razdan playing Vidur and Mukesh Khanna playing Bhishma Pitamah can also be seen getting emotional in this video.

Mahabharata was a lengthy TV series, which aired 94 episodes. The show ran from 1988 to 1990. Mahabharata had established new dimensions of popularity in the TV world. The actors working in it had reached the peak of popularity by the show. This is the reason that the actors got emotional when the shooting of the show was over. The pain of farewell from the show was left in the eyes. (Video Courtesy- Youtube)


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