Bollywood has also emerged as a help in the crisis due to Coronavirus across the country . In such a situation, superstar Salman Khan donated crores of rupees for daily wage laborers. After that, he started helping the workers working in the industry by filling the ration and sending trucks. Along with this, he has donated 1 lakh Sanitizer to Corona Warriors. The Maharashtra government also praised this work of Salman Khan.

Maharashtra government tweeted its official Twitter handle, thanking Salman Khan. To donate 1 lakh Sanitizer to Corona Warriors , the Maharashtra Government tweeted and wrote, ‘Thank you Salman Khan! 1 lakh sanitizer to donate to our Mumbai Police. Salman Khan is getting a lot of accolades from the common people to the government. Actually, Salman Khan has launched his personal grooming care brand Fresh (FRSH). Late on May 24, Salman announced the launch of his new beauty and personal care brand FRSH on social media.

Earlier, leader Rahul N Kanal thanked Salman Khan on his social media tweet. He shared pictures of the sanitarians being handed over to the police. He wrote in his tweet, ‘Thanks to Salman Khan.’ He also wrote that the sanitizer is distributed among all the policemen.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is engaged in helping people in this Corona era in every way. Recently, he launched his brand new hand sanitizer through social media. Salman Khan shared the video and told that he has made a hand sanitizer named FRSH, which is most important in the fight with Corona.

After this, he donated this sanitizer to the Mumbai Police, so that he could help. Now for this, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has thanked Salman. Uddhav wrote from his official account, ‘Thank you Salman Khan, for giving 1 lakh hand sanitizer to Mumbai Police.’ In response, Salman Khan thanked the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mumbai Police and Rahul Senal, a member of the Yuva Sen Committee.

Salman Khan donated 1 lakh hand sanitizer to Mumbai Police. He helped the Mumbai Police in this war against Corona. Rahul N. Kanal, a member of the Yuva Sena, gave this information by tweeting. Rahul wrote, ‘Salman Khan thank you that you are helping these Corona Warriors. Thanks to CM of Maharashtra, Aditya Thackeray and Mumbai Police as well. Hand sanitizer will be donated to everyone in the police department.

Salman Khan’s noble initiative has impressed everyone. Helping Salman like this is encouraging others as well. Actors are constantly contributing in the hour of this crisis. He has so far helped on many fronts. Salman Khan has helped the daily laborers, while the dwarf actors of the film industry have also helped financially. Some time ago he was seen sending ration items from his farmhouse to the poor for distribution. Along with this, Salman Khan is constantly making people aware of corona virus with the help of social media and is asking them to stay home and pay attention to safety.


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