Main Bhi Ardhangini 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Shweta fooling Vaidehi again and making buying plans. Sangram gets looking at Shweta. Anuradha sees this and is derived to him. Sangram gets irritated and twists her hand, asking her now not to intervene. Shweta asks Vaidehi to look the ladies and get dressed up like them. She says the women are born in villagers, however they adapt the city lifestyles so properly, you need to get dressed up truly distinctive to appearance apart from the gang, then see how Madhav gets attracted to you, you don’t get dressed up like grown-up women, so he thinks you are kiddish, come with me to shop for new garments. She smiles.

People complain to Madhav about a loan. Madhav tries to resolve their troubles. protect says some atypical female has come and said she was given food for you. Vaidehi comes wearing bizarre garments, searching lots stupid. Madhav receives shocked. Humans make fun of her. Madhav sees employees guffawing on Vaidehi. Madhav stops them. He scolds Vaidehi and asks her to just depart. She cries and leaves. Madhav additionally receives unhappy. The employee says we will make a listing of grievance and demand, then you can see what to do. Madhav thanks him. Nilambari laughs on getting the news. She tells this to Shweta. Shweta says I must learn a lot from you. Vaidehi comes home. Nilambari smiles and scolds her for making a laugh of Madhav by way of going dressed up like this. Shweta smiles.

Nilambari asks will you take care of Madhav like this. Madhav comes and says yes, Vaidehi takes care of me plenty. He apologizes to Vaidehi and says I understand she takes much care of me. He says i have come home to mention sorry and way to her. He asks Vaidehi to serve him food. They smile. Nilambari and circle of relatives discuss Vaidevi. Jaichand says maybe Vaidehi has unique powers, she may be very clever. Nilambari scolds Shweta and asks her to reveal her high-quality consequences.

Precap:- Nilambari and Rani misinform Vaidehi and send her to the jungle. Madhav runs after Vaidehi to prevent her.

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