Main Bhi Ardhangini 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Nilambari telling Narayan about her notion to keep a puja for residence peace. He likes the idea. She asks about the deceased human beings. He names few and additionally Chitra. He says we can pray for Chitra’s soul peace additionally, i can get the pictures. She recollects Chitra’s death. Chitra involves Madhav and asks him to simply accept Vaidehi, she loves him plenty, she will be able to always deal with him.

She is not able to hold him. She says i can get soul peace while you pass on, i’m able to’t depart you until you keep me near. He wakes up and says Chitra. She is going. He gets again and is going back to sleep. Nilmabari tries to sleep. She sees Chitra’s p.c and says I hate you extra than Madhav’s true love. She recollects Madhav announcing Chitra made me sing. Nilambari says I heard it just now, Chitra has performed magic on you. She indicates the haveli to Chitra. She insults Chitra.

She gives the locker keys to Chitra and asks her to open it. Chitra opens the safe and sees costly jewellery. Nilambari name callings her. Chitra thinks what’s Nilambari upto. facebook ends. Vaidehi and Anuradha laugh having a speak. Anuradha tells her about Chitra’s mischief, she talented a camel to Madhav on his birthday. Vaidehi laughs that Madhav had a camel ride. She says Chitra become very interesting. Anuradha says yes, every person become touched via her nature, she used to get special perfume for us. Vaidehi asks can you deliver it to me. Anuradha is of the same opinion.

Jaichand involves Rani. She asks him to listen her tune. He says I need some guy to sing the song. She sings so awful and he turns deaf by way of her screaming. Vaidehi involves take Dadi’s help. Dadi likes the fragrance. She says you may’t use this. Vaidehi receives disappointed. Dadi says you’ve got allergy to perfumes considering the fact that early life, live far from this. Vaidehi applies the perfume and apologizes. She runs away. Nilambari offers the loved ones’ pictures. Tantric tests by means of mantras and says inform me whose p.c are you hiding, in case you want to get free. She gives Chitra’s percent. He assessments The p.c catches hearth.

Precap: Tantric says its Chitra’s spirit, tell me, how did Chitra die. Madhav hugs Vaidehi and says I overlooked you a lot.


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