Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Maha Maya giggling and talking to the captive Naagin. Mohini thinks to kill her. The captive Naagin tells that Bhujang will come there and shop them. Maha Maya tells that handiest she is aware of about the area evil mantra and says if I die then all of you’ll die. Mohini is ready to bite her, but stops listening to this. Adhiraj comes home considering Mohini asking who is he and from where he came. He says who am I and what is my identification? He thinks to ask Maha Maya and thinks if she gets dissatisfied then. Mohini turns into human again and thinks Maya Maya is very clever, i can’t kill her and unfastened my clan till i am getting that mantra. Mohini will become flower again. Maha Maya makes the naagin as the timber log. Adhiraj comes there. Maha Maya says I didn’t name you. Adhiraj says I want to impeach you who am I and from in which I got here? Maya Maya says you know all my secrets and says she trusts him loads. She says you may recognise about your beyond while Bhujang is killed. Adhiraj says Bhujang will die very quickly and this is my promise to you. He leaves. Maha Maya says bechara Adhiraj.
Mohini comes out and thinks Maha Maya has captive Adhiraj too and he knows all of the secrets, and thinks to get the mystical evil mantra from him. Chunnu involves Bhujang and teases him with feather. Bhujang calls him. Chunnu asks who am I? Bhujang says icchadhari naag, God made you. Chunnu asks why? Bhujang says while i was a infant, even I used to assume all this. Chunnu asks who used to answer you. Bhujang prays and shows the naag books. He says I got my answers from those books and says it has secrets and techniques of a few years and asks him to pick out a ebook. Chunnu selected a ebook. Bhujang says why did he pick this book?

Rani asks Jaichand to behave like Naags and says Maha Maya confirmed me this. Jaichand says you will have informed me earlier than. Adhiraj comes there and asks what are you doing? Jaichand says i can walk like snakes and could fight with them. He asks Adhiraj to study from him. Adhiraj asks him to forestall nonsense and goes. Jaichand says he’s a rude guy, Mohini is higher. Bhujang asks Chunnu to pick out some different e-book. Chunnu says I want this book only and says you could’t backtrack out of your tongue. Bhujang offers the e book and says you could just study and now not to implement it. Chander and Vasudha come there. They inform that these days is their daughter Shalaka’s birthday and she or he is missing when you consider that a yr. Bhujang asks them to consider Mohini and says she will unfastened all their humans.

Jaichand thinks why I couldn’t get the snake motion within the e-book. Mohini comes there and asks if this is yoga. Jaichand says that is naag chaal and says snakes get terrified of it. Mohini says someone made you mad. Jaichand says I realize, child queen attempted to made me mad, however I made her mad and offers her hello 5 and then hello five to Rani who has simply come. Jaichand is going. Mohini says Jaichand ji is harmless. Rani says sure, that’s why he likes everybody and says what he can do when a clever lady make the love rain fall on her. Mohini gets an idea and thinks to get Maha Maya’s mantra from Adhiraj through wooing him. Adhiraj involves her room. Mohini thinks he came to my room to get trapped by himself and asks what are you doing here? She asks if you may’t stay without me even for a second. He asks her to examine her face within the reflect. Mohini sees her face and says I saw commonly, however I suppose you noticed such a face for the primary time. She says it is right that you came to me, I wanted to meet you. He is about to move. She falls. He holds her and looks at her. Mohini says you can’t live far from me for lengthy. Adhiraj drops her and asks her to be in her limits. Mohini says i can cross all limits to win over Maha Maya, you’ll get trapped in my love and could inform me about her Mantra. i will free all my friends.

Mohini searches for Adhiraj and thinks all of us need to be watching for her. She thinks she will be able to’t return until she kills Maha Maya and frees her humans. Jaichand asks whom she is looking. Mohini says Adhiraj. Rani comes and asks Jaichand why did he forestall? Mohini says he didn’t forestall. Rani says when spouse and husband are speakme, woh shall no longer intervene. Mohini says she is searching out Adhiraj. Rani thinks she is behind Adhiraj and i used to be involved for Jaichand. She says today Maha Maya is doing a special vidhi so Adhiraj is with her. Mohini thinks what she is doing.

Precap: Maha Maya tells Adhiraj that she has released poisonous arrow to be able to break all naag lok. Mohini thinks a way to keep her humans.


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