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Chitra troubling Jaichand and Rani. Nilambari hears them screaming. Sangram and Nilambari come to look them. Rani says Jaichand has hurt me. Jaichand says i’ve visible some thing there. Sangram says there is not anything, don’t worry. Nilambari tests the room. She goes and remembers the bizarre things going on. She calls some tantric baba. She says is there some spirit right here. Chitra sees her. Its morning, Vaidehi makes the Rangoli. Nilambari goes to awaken Shweta. She asks her to research matters from Vaidehi. Anuradha sees the Rangoli and praises Vaidehi’s art. Vaidehi compliments Anuradha’s appearance. Anuradha receives unhappy and recollects Sangram’s words. Shweta comes and says you’ve got executed the whole thing, one factor is lacking, prasad. Vaidehi says everything is prepared. She suggests the prasad.

Shweta thinks the way to make Vaidehi away. She sits to hope. He pours diya oil in some other diya. She asks Vaidehi to get oil, she has forgotten to get it.

Vaidehi asks how, I stuffed this in morning. Shweta says it takes place, pass and get oil. Vaidehi says that is enough. Shweta asks her now not to take hazard, what if diya gets blown off at some stage in puja. Vaidehi says you are saying proper. She goes. Shweta thinks Vaidehi has decorated the temple well, but Madhav can’t see your hardwork. Madhav comes and likes the decorations. Shweta says i have executed this, but thanks. Anuradha seems on. Nilambari asks Vaidehi to make tea for Madhav. Vaidehi says he desires bhajan at this time. Nilambari says the whole lot about him, i can make tea for my son. Vaidehi says no, i can make it. Madhav praises Shweta. Nilambari comes and says Shweta has tons skills. Nilambari asks Madhav to return again domestic quickly, the pandits are coming for Brahman bhoj. Madhav says you can cope with it. She says its equal pandit, who matched your and Chitra’s kundli. He says I would love to meet him, i’m able to come on time. He leaves for workplace. Shweta asks what’s the plan.

Vaidehi comes and asks in which did Madhav cross. Shweta says he has gone to office. Vaidehi receives sad. Nilambari fools her and says I experience you are the satisfactory for Madhav, you may grow to be my bahu, you keep him satisfied, he has modified once you came here. Vaidehi asks surely. Nilambari asks her to offer kundli to expose to pandit. Vaidehi runs to get it. Madhav presents goggles to Lantern. He says if you didn’t name me on time, anything could have came about to Vaidehi. Lantern says Vaidehi didn’t consider herself whilst helping you, I sense you both are made for every other. Madhav says no, she is kiddish, when she grows up, she will overlook approximately marriage. Vaidehi looks for kundli everything. Narayan says it was with me. She gets satisfied and says Madhav will marry me quickly. He says you are innocent. She says Nilambari understood that i will keep Madhav glad, she has instructed this to me.

Madhav meets pandits and gives the Daan Dakshina matters. Pandit praises Madhav. Nilambari says I selected a girl for Madhav, can you suit the kundlis proper now. Pandit says certain, display me the kundlis. every body asks Madhav to get married. Shweta says i’m able to get my kundli. Nilambari says allow it be, Vaidehi supply your kundli. Shweta gets taken aback. Nilambari asks pandit to healthy kundlis and tell if Vaidehi is proper for Madhav. Vaidehi receives satisfied and says Narayan’s dream can be fulfilled, i will marry Madhav. Shweta asks what’s happening. Nilambari says stand nonetheless. Pandit says its a mismatch, if Madhav marries this woman, he can be dying. Nilambari says Vaidehi is a pleasing woman, she looks after Madhav nicely. Pandit says she is a threat for Madhav. Vaidehi and every body get greatly surprised. Vaidehi cries and goes. Nilambari smiles.

Precap:- Nilambari offers Shweta’s kundli to pandit. Pandit says her kundli is an excellent healthy with Madhav’s kundli. Vaidehi runs someplace to pray and sinks within the lake.

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