Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Nilambari asking Chitra to reconsider again and says once you go out, at that point you can’t return in this haveli. She requests that her figure what will occur with Vaidehi and says just Nilambari Devi is in charge of it. She says you may think I am making you move on my tune even after your passing. She asks what you will do now. Sangram and Rani grins. Nilambari’s goon take oblivious Madhav inside. They check on the off chance that he is oblivious or acting. Goon hits him and says he is extremely oblivious. Nilambari inquires as to whether she is defenseless and says you was all the more dominant when alive. Chitra says I couldn’t care less about myself, I simply care for Vaidehi and Madhav and trusts her affection which she does with Madhav. She says you can’t vanquish Vaidehi.

Police Inspector comes to Lodge also, gets some information about Madhav. Vaidehi tells that Madhav went behind the goons. Controller requests that her tell where her goons took Madhav. Vaidehi says my goons..Manager discloses to Inspector that he has a misconception. Monitor faults Vaidehi for taking the bicycle. Vaidehi says yes. Investigator says Madhav needed to take his bicycle and came to Police station. He inquires as to whether she got him hijacked? Vaidehi says yes and says you are extremely shrewd like your name. She asks where did the goon take him? Assessor says I know and tells about the spot. Vaidehi grins. She signs that she needs to go to loo. Director requests that her go. Vaidehi flees from that point.

Nilambari reveals to Chitra that she won’t crush by Vaidehi or her. Chitra says those will attempt never loses. Nilambari says the truth will surface eventually.

Vaidehi leaves hold up and gets some information about the way. Man demonstrates her direction. Vaidehi expresses gratitude toward him and thinks how to go there. She sees the make’s cycle and rides on it. Man turns out calling her criminal. Vaidehi comes there and sees Madhav’s bicycle there. She sees a dupatta kept there and covers on her head and keeps some wood signs on her head. She supposes god, if you don’t mind give a few evidences and discovers his wallet. She supposes he is here as it were. She looks for Madhav.

Nilambari advises everybody that they need to tie string each of the four sides of the house so that Chitra can’t come inside. Jaichand says on the off chance that we will do this. Nilambari requests that he close the mouth and says she will make him phantom. Jaichand says we will do as you said. Nilambari requests that they attach the three to each of the four sides of haveli. She asks Sangram to tie the string first. Sangram says alright. He takes the string and takes a gander at it.

The goon educates that Madhav came to know regarding their place, however he is oblivious at this point. They figure he will call Police. Vaidehi comes there and sees Madhav oblivious in goon imprisonment. The goon tells that they will wound him. Other goon tells that nothing will occur with wounding and tells that they will hang him. Vaidehi hears and says no. One of the goon hears her voice, yet disregards it. Madhav gains awareness and asks them, for what reason did they need to hijack Vaidehi? Goon hits Madhav again and makes him oblivious once more. Vaidehi requests that herself accomplish something and spare him. She takes out fastener and elastic and flames stick at the goon. In the interim the goons make the rope prepared to hang Madhav. Vaidehi requests that herself accomplish something. She rings the cycle ringer. The goons hear the sound and advise that they need to look through the individual ringing the chime. In the interim the goons turn out to check. Vaidehi comes inside and takes out the rope from Madhav’s neck and requests that he get up. Madhav gets up and asks what are you doing here? Vaidehi opens the rope and liberates his hand. Madhav says you have taken a chance with your life for me. Vaidehi says on the off chance that you are not there, at that point I have no motivation to live, there is no personality of my reality without you. They have an eye lock. Chitra comes there and requests that he comprehend Vaidehi’s genuine romance. She says she has such power which won’t given anything a chance to happen to him and is the genuine accomplice.

Precap: Goon comes and points firearm at Madhav and Vaidehi. Chitra prevents Sangram from tying the string.


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