Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nilambari tells Sangram, Rani and Jaichand that image and cope with are despatched. She calls goon and asks him to do her paintings. She tells that he will get the cash, and asks goon to kidnap the woman and take him faraway from haveli, says she shall no longer go back once more. Goon says paintings could be performed. Chitra says I ought to visit assist Vaidehi. Nilambari says once you go out of this haveli, you could’t enter here and could be left from Madhav’s existence as well. She asks her to go silently inner.

Madhav comes to room and calls Vaidehi. Vaidehi comes from behind and calls him Thakur Saheb, she asks how is she looking? Madhav says very exceptional, however there is a stain on her face. Chitra asks him to clean it and says Madhav can come at any time. She asks him if she is appropriate for Madhav or can grow to be appropriate for him.

She asks him to mention. Madhav says i am Madhav and Thakur additionally. Vaidehi says I look like fool, but i’m now not fool and tells that you appear to be a good guy, and that’s why i will inform you some thing. She says the tale commenced whilst i used to be a small baby and loves Madhav since that day, and says if you suppose that you may take Madhav’s location in my lifestyles then forget it, and says no person can take his location. Madhav asks you can get any proper guy then why him. Vaidehi says Madhav is the satisfactory man on this global and that i know that he likes me, but he’s going to in no way tell me, and says simply due to the fact he is khadoos.

Madhav is surprised and says sure, you stated right. Madhav is khadoos. Vaidehi says only i’m able to tell him some thing and no one can, and asks him who’s he to inform him. Madhav smiles and asks her to forestall speaking and relaxation. He asks her to have coconut water. Vaidehi says she is feeling incredible and if she drinks coconut water then this true feeling will end. Madhav says you will feel extra precise after consuming this. Vaidehi says honestly. Madhav says sure. He makes her drink coconut water. Vaidehi relaxes on his shoulder and sleeps. Madhav reveals her dozing and makes her sleep on mattress.

Goon asks someone about the way to Milan inn. The antique man says that he didn’t recognize. Goon hits him and they depart. Chitra thinks what to do, if I don’t go out then Nilambari will harm Vaidehi. She thinks what to do.

Vaidehi wakes up and asks Madhav why become he dozing there? She asks what passed off and says we need to visit Delhi. Madhav asks her no longer to suppose an awful lot and says once you experience true, we can pass. Vaidehi feels terrible and tells that they will cross. She asks did I say some thing and says sorry. She says I should have said some thing incorrect.

Madhav says you didn’t say some thing incorrect and tells that he wants to tell her some thing. He says i’m sorry, i was very rude to you till now. fundamental toh tere naal hi…..plays….Vaidehi smiles. Madhav appears at her. a few goons come there and attack them. they are trying to kidnap Vaidehi, but she shouts and they run. She asks Madhav who have been they? Madhav says i’m walking at the back of them to recognise and asks her to close the door. He runs out following them, but they leave in their car. Madhav sits on his motorcycle and cross in the back of the goons. He reaches an area and goes internal. a person is keeping eye on him and attacks him on his head.

Precap: The goons assume to kill Madhav. Vaidehi reaches there. The goon is ready to cling Madhav.


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