Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Vaidehi praying for Kaka and asks God to make him satisfactory. Nilambari tells that she would have turn out to be horrific, but now Chitra will become bad infront of everybody. She says we should just help Chitra get madhav after which Vaidehi can be ruined, we can get the whole thing. They snort. Nilambari says no person can prevent us from getting a success. Vaidehi and Anuradha are in some other vehicle. They assume wherein is Nilambari and Sangram. Nilambari asks Sangram if Anuradha is dubious on them. Sangram says Anuradha is hearing Vaidehi and Vaidehi is controlled through Chitra. Anuradha says we must see if sasumaa says actual or lie. Nilambari says she made Chitra evil with a whole lot trouble and tells that they shall achieve success. They both are coming domestic. Sangram’s vehicle stops. Vaidehi’s vehicle pass past at the back of their car. They reach home. Vaidehi asks lets tell Rani about Kaka’s phrases. Anuradha says no. Nilambari and Sangram come domestic. Anuradha asks about Narayan. Sangram and Nilambari lie that he is serious and that they could’t see him in that condition. Anuradha brings tea for Sangram. Sangram blurts out that he met Pandit ji. Anuradha asks which Pandit. She says I went to the health facility with Anuradha, but didn’t see you. Sangram says I went to get medicinal drug then.

Anuradha shares with Vaidehi what Sangram stated. Vaidehi calls Pandit ji, but he is unreachable. She says we should visit meet Pandit ji. Jaichand comes there and asks them to give tiffin as he is going to hospital. Anuradha gives tiffin. Vaidehi asks him to help him and tell about Chitra. Jaichand says she will be able to kill me if I take her call. Vaidehi asks him no longer to take her call and inform them indirectly. Jaichand says i can attempt to tells that Chitra’s soul changed into your rakshak earlier than. Vaidehi is greatly surprised. Nilambari comes there and asks what is taking place right here. She asks Jaichand to visit medical institution and says Madhav desires rest. Jaichand says i am going and leaves. Nilambari gives Prasad to them and asks them to wish. they are saying good enough. Vaidehi and Anuradha appearance on.

Madhav asks Vaidehi to have power. Vaidehi asks if Kaka receives first-class. Madhav says sure and asks her not to lose strength. Vaidehi hugs him. Madhav feels headache. Vaidehi says she will be able to practice balm and asks him to lie down. She asks him now not to fear, but consider God. Jaichand calls Madhav and asks him to come home speedy, as babu ji is critical. Madhav says good enough and tells Vaidehi that he’s going to go. Vaidehi involves the inhouse temple and thinks who gave raksha threads to Badi maa. She asks Anuradha if she is aware of wherein do badi maa cross for yatra and asks who gave her raksha thread. Anuradha says I didn’t ask, but Sangram changed into telling about Tantrik earlier than. Vaidehi says they have been hiding something from us and went somewhere else. Nilambari appreciates herself and thinks she has acted truely properly and cares for him. She says reality is that she could be very glad, Chitra and Madhav shall unite today. Rani and Sangram smiles. Vaidehi tells Anuradha that they shall check. They locate Nilambari’s cellphone in her room. Vaidehi says there is various which become called in many instances. Nilambari is coming there. Anuradha asks Vaidehi to call from landline. Vaidehi calls on that quantity. Tantrik alternatives the call and says inform me Nilambari Devi.

Precap: Vaidehi asks who’re you? Tantrik thinks this isn’t Nilambari Devi. Nilambari enters the room. Anuradha and Vaidehi are hiding in the back of the door.


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