Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Madhav sitting in his room and refusing to exit. He gets a few foul smell and sprays perfume. He says i can’t stay in this room. all and sundry plays holi. Vaidehi remains sad. Anuradha says you need to do something to make this holi amusing. Vaidehi says the whole thing will get first-rate when right ime comes. Shweta spikes the thandai for Madhav. She sees Madhav coming and tells Rani that she become right, Madhav is right here.

Shweta says I m announcing what I m seeing. every person receives bowled over seeing Madhav coming. Vaidehi smiles. Madhav goes to Narayan. Madhav sees Vaidehi coming. Shweta comes to him and offers the glass of thandai. Vaidehi gets colorations. Madhav refuses to take the drink. Shweta insists and asks him to drink it. Madhav beverages the thandai.

Madhav stops Vaidehi from applying shades to him. He says i have come here but I gained’t play with colorings. Vaidehi says no, I had come to apply colorings to Shweta. She applies colorations to Shweta. Anuradha says Vaidehi’s holi also were given colorful now. Vaidehi runs from her. Madhav smiles. He gets dizzy. Rani looks on and statistics them. Shweta thinks Madhav is getting affected by bhaang. Madhav sees Chitra in Vaidehi. Shweta says satisfied holi, I didn’t desire to have fun competition with out you. He is going to Vaidehi. He runs after her and throws colours at her. They play holi. Shweta and Rani get greatly surprised. Narayan is satisfied seeing Madhav and Vaidehi. Balam pichkari…performs…. Madhav hugs Vaidehi and says I overlooked you lots, Chitra. Vaidehi cries and pushes him away. She says I m now not Chitra, I m Vaidehi. She cries and goes. anybody sees Madhav and Vaidehi’s video. Sangram asks why is Vaidehi crying. Jaichand imagines Madhav and Vaidehi’s DDLJ romance.

He says they may be my new romantic lead, they may be made for each different, observe their splendid chemistry. Shweta angrily throws the phone. Vaidehi recollects Madhav’s words and cries. Anuradha comes to her. She congratulates her that Madhav expressed like to her. Vaidehi says no, he loves Chitra, he wasn’t near me, but to Chitra, Madhav and Chitra’s love could be very deep, he doesn’t love me, its my fault. Anuradha consoles her.

Vaidehi ignores Madhav. He asks Nilambari if she is aware of what befell. She asks him to forget the whole lot.


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