Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Madhav sitting unhappy. Lantern involves pacify him and asks him to marry Vaidehi. Madhav scolds him. Lantern asks him to come back to temple, absolutely everyone is expecting him. He is going. Madhav asks him to pay attention. Rani comes there. Narayan jokes. Vaidehi says Madhav will comply with marry me soon. Jaichand and Rani speak to Shweta. Shweta says Vaidehi desires to marry Madhav. Rani indicates the stolen mangalsutra. Vaidehi stops Madhav and thanks him. He says no want to mention thanks. He prepares to visit temple. Vaidehi sings in her room. Jaichand jokes on her making a song.

He calls her Madhav’s could be spouse and asks her to look ahead to unique puja. He goes. She asks him to say whole remember. Rani additionally misleads Vaidehi and asks her to wait the puja. Vaidehi asks what’s taking place. She involves Shweta. Shweta fools her and asks her to get ready as Madhav’s bride and marry him within the temple. Vaidehi gets satisfied and goes to talk to Madhav. Shweta says she will flop my plan. She runs to prevent Vaidehi.

Vaidehi asks Madhav approximately his selection. He says i’ve taken this selection considering the own family’s happiness. Shweta thinks I got stored. He asks Vaidehi to return to temple quickly. Vaidehi receives satisfied and gets on cloud nine. Shweta asks her to take Chitra’s mangalsutra. Vaidehi receives prepared because the bride. She sees the mangalsutra. Madhav comes to temple and remembers Chitra. Chitra comes there and appears on. Vaidehi comes there and goes to Madhav. Madhav gets taken aback seeing her in bridal dress. She says i’m able to’t let you know how a great deal you matter to me, i have simply visible one dream, that’s to stay related with this call. He receives indignant on her and yells at her, on seeing Chitra’s mangalsutra along with her. Vaidehi gets stunned seeing his anger.

Precap: Madhav gets Vaidehi domestic and pushes her. He says you said you’re ready to take Chitra’s area in my life, none can take her location. He shouts on her and ends friendship with her.


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