Main Bhi Ardhangini 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vaidehi goes. Madhav talks to the customer and says i can ask Lanten to fulfill you. customer says deal is cancelled and says 86 lakhs is the loss amount. Vaidehi says sorry to Madhav and blames herself over and over. He says you are a lot angry with me and that’s why not talking. Madhav says i will speak in case you let me and says Delhi customer knew that we have been caught in Delhi and not recognize the trouble. He says if you get sick, and if I take go away then they shall understand. Vaidehi says if i am unique to you. Madhav says do you watched that i will’t contend with you and offers example. Vaidehi says i’m thinking why you need to take go away if i am getting unwell. Madhav says good enough, i can not take depart. Vaidehi sneezes. Sona Sona plays…….

She says Badi maa gave me so paintings and is ready to head. She smiles and is going. Chitra appears at them and thinks Madhav and Vaidehi came toward each different. I ought to prevent Vaidehi from becoming Nilambari’s mohra.

Nilambari calls each person. Rani says i am right here. Nilambari says I doubt which you aren’t my real daughter and tells that Chitra will find them wherever they’re, and then even their lifeless bodies will now not be determined. all and sundry pop out of hideout. Nilambari tells that Vaidehi is going to tie the thread for Madhav. She says Vaidehi can’t see chitra, however we can see her. She says Chitra become shielding her, and Vaidehi will spoil her now. Vaidehi is talking to her Dadi and asks her to take care. She applies bindi on her brow and takes the thread given by using Nilambari.

She hopes Madhav’s grah dosh goes with this thread. Chitra says this is the thread to separate you each, in case you tie this thread then i can’t help you, don’t tie this thread. Vaidehi goes out of room. Nilambari and others observe her. Rani says she goes with braveness to tie the thread, like Savitri did for her husband. Chitra attempts to stop Vaidehi. Vaidehi walks towards the door. Nilambari says i’m able to take breath after many days. just then phone earrings. Vaidehi thinks that is her phone and thinks why Dadi is asking once more. She takes the thread and goes to room.

She alternatives the decision and says she will be able to’t pay attention the voice. Shweta says whose name got here to loser Vaidehi. Nilambari says something is wrong for certain. Vaidehi says this is a awful funny story and ends the call. She is set to stroll out. Chitra locks the door. Nilambari says that is completed by using Chitra. Vaidehi thinks why the door is closed and how? Nilambari asks her to open the door and push it. She asks Sangram to push and says if this door don’t open then our future’s doorways could be jammed. Chitra rolls the wool bundles and make it of the same colour and fall at the ground. They push on the door. Vaidehi falls at the bed and the thread also falls on the woolen thread on the floor. Nilambari asks if she did her paintings. Vaidehi says no and tells that the thread fell down. Nilambari shouts at Vaidehi. Vaidehi says from wherein these thread got here here, and the way the coloration changed. She says i’m able to assist you. Nilambari shouts pronouncing she will do.

Madhav is in his office and thinks of Vaidehi. Lanten comes there and says there is a good news. Madhav says even i’ve and tells about the mango on the icecream and talks about Vaidehi. Lantern tells that he needs to talk about the deal. Madhav says the deal is cancelled. Lanten tells you spoke a lot about Vaidehi. Madhav says we just back from vacation. Lanten says you turned into trapped via a hassle and questioning it as excursion due to Vaidehi. Madhav asks him to move. Lanten asks him to present a few region to Vaidehi as she loves him lots. Madhav thinks i’m able to’t do that, I need to maintain distance from her.

Jai Chand tells Rani that sasumaa has long gone mad to discover the mystical thread from those threads. Rani says she is behaving like mad. Chitra says your puppets are calling you mad. She says you have got long gone mad. Nilambari says not one greater word and says she isn’t scared of absolutely everyone. Chitra lights the lighter in Shweta’s hand and throws at the thread. Nilambari receives irritated seeing the threads burning.

Precap: Rani calls a few women who call Vaidehi as characterless to spend nights with Madhav outdoor. Vaidehi gets sad.


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