Main Bhi Ardhangini 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Main Bhi Ardhangini 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Madhav getting Vaidehu returned home. Shweta asks Vaidehi is she again. Vaidehi smiles. Shweta receives indignant and acts right. She goes and thinks how did this appear. Rani argues with Shweta. Nilambari comes and says Vaidehi is doing this, I’ve met Tantric and were given an answer for this. Madhav gets busy on a call. Vaidehi receives tea for him. He attempts to keep away from her. She offers him a cellphone battery. He makes an excuse. Chitra seems on. Madhav says my coronary heart and mind are restless, I get indignant all the time, I harm Vaidehi plenty. Chitra says don’t blame me, have the tea and apologize to Vaidehi.

Nilambari shows the answer, that’s black magic dolls. anybody receives stunned. Vaidehi receives unhappy and puts garments for drying. Madhav comes to express regret to her. She throws the water on him and says sorry Madhav. He says I came to make an apology. She is going. He thinks why does hurdle come in y manner. Nilambari talks to Vaidehi. She says Madhav should have not completed, why did you go away the residence, you’re a part of this haveli, don’t do that component again.

Vaidehi apologizes to her. Nilambari acts well. She fools Vaidehi and asks her to hold the four dolls in 4 corners of the palace, in order that Madhav gets calm. She says I will vicinity the dolls, Pandit said Madhav’s mother and father can try this, just one individual who cares for Madhav can do that, I suppose it you. Vaidehi has the same opinion to try this for Madhav’s sake. Nilambari says I knew it, you are practical. She sends Vaidehi.

Vaidehi maintains the dolls. Chitra receives locked because of the doll powers. Nilambari thanks Vaidehi for doing this for Madhav. Chitra appears on and says I realize that is Nilambari’s trick, I can no longer let you harm Vaidehi. Narayan encourages Vaidehi. She does her responsibilities. at the temple, Madhav goes for the puja. Pandit gives him a list of things. Madhav thinks of Chitra and receives sad. Madhav talks to pandit and takes the puja objects chest. He sees any other letter inner and asks about it. Narayan says that’s nothing. Madhav asks what are you hiding from me. He asks pandit what’s the matter. Pandit tells him approximately unique fast stored via Thakur circle of relatives a few years in the past.

Narayan asks Madhav to come home. Madhav says no, I’m able to do that Jaap and maintain this rapid. They get shocked. Pandit says you said that Chitra’s ashes immersion didn’t take place well, if Madhav does this Jaap properly, maybe she receives soul peace. Narayan reminds what took place with his grandpa at that point. Madhav asks what occurred to him. Pandit says he died all through the fast, its a hard rapid. Madhav says I will do something for my circle of relatives’ sake and to get soul peace for Chitra, I can maintain this speedy. Lantern asks did you go mad. Madhav says I will simply the short, irrespective of what happens. Madhav takes the letters from Pandit. The lady tells Vaidehi about Madhav maintaining the difficult rapid. She tells about the volatile speedy. Vaidehi rushes home. Nilambari explains Madhav that his existence can fall in risk through retaining the fast. Madhav says I can’t refuse to you, please store me from this embarrassment. Pandit courses Madhav about rituals. Vaidehi comes and looks on.

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Precap: Upcoming Main Bhi Ardhangini episode update Upcoming Aap Ke Aa Jane Se episode update Vaidehi makes a decision to keep the fast alongside Madhav. Nilambari asks Shweta to rectify Vaidehi’s mistake.


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