Main Bhi Ardhangini 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vaidehi says what’s occurring. Kaka says he got 20 calls due to the fact that morning. Madhav gets Anuradha’s call. He selections the decision. Anuradha tells him that some people gathered at haveli and asks him to return rapid. some humans scoffs at Vaidehi and calls her grimy. They talk about society norms and says anything occurring on this haveli is wrong and such human beings will be thrown out of the society. Nilambari tells Harish that he’s making an difficulty uselessly. Harish says I heard which you have saved that female for Madhav. Kaka tries to interfere. Nilambari says i can handle and says Vaidehi is pure. The human beings asks wherein Vaidehi is hiding and asks them to call her. Nilambari says i can call her, ask some thing you need, you may realize that she didn’t do something incorrect. She calls Vaidehi. Vaidehi comes there. Nilambari says I consider you fully and is aware of that you are proper. She asks her to answer to their questions and keep in mind that truth constantly wins. The girl asks her about her relation with Madhav.

Madhav comes there and sees human beings wondering Vaidehi. He comes internal. The people asks her to inform her fact. Madhav asks Nilambari what’s going on. Nilambari says allow Vaidehi say. The female asks what’s your relation with Madhav Thakur? Vaidehi says trust me, I swear on Dadi…there may be no wrong relation between Madhav and me. the person tell that they may now not agree with her and says we came to know that you stayed in the equal hotel as husband and spouse, and calls her characterless. Sangram smiles. the person calls her characterless. Madhav asks how dare you to call you characterless.

Nilambari asks Madhav to go away Harish. She asks every person to hold quiet and not to make her residence dirty with their accusations. She warns them and asks to depart. The girl tells that they will now not get laid low with her threats, and says such human beings will be thrown out of society. Nilambari asks them to depart. Vaidehi cries. They go away. anyone looks at her. Anuradha asks Vaidehi to handle herself. Vaidehi says they have tagged their natural relation as grimy and says they called me characterless and so forth. Anuradha says humans are such, and they speak like that, don’t consider them and be robust. She says you shall not think about others’ phrases and says sasumaa praised you infront of each person. She asks her to speak to Madhav and says he ought to be pressured as properly. She asks her to offer a fitting respond to them. Vaidehi says I didn’t consider him and says human beings blackened his call also.

Kaka talks to Madhav. Madhav says I have no wrong relation together with her. Kaka says Vaidehi si wrongly accused. Madhav says i am dragged on this too. Kaka says every body changed into asking Vaidehi, but now not you. Madhav asks what to do? Kaka asks him to marry Vaidehi else her existence can be ruined. He says no one will marry her after this component is known to all. Madhav says i’m able to’t marry her, I don’t have any feelings for her and don’t love her. i can now not marry her simply because humans are speakme about us. He says what do you observed that I loved the two nights spent with her, and tells that he turned into helpless else wouldn’t have even seconds along with her. Vaidehi hears him and is heartbroken. Naina music performs……Rani and Shweta see her coming and speak that if she had any self appreciate then she would have gone to her Dadi’s house. Rani says such human beings are very stubborn. Vaidehi is going hearing them. Nilambari comes there and laughs. Rani and Shweta laugh.

Kaka asks Madhav why he didn’t permit her pass if he doesn’t love her. Madhav says I need to live faraway from her, but can’t. He says I don’t recognize if that is love or some thing else. Vaidehi thinks of Madhav’s words and cries. Nilambari comes to her and says in case you cross from there then you can’t smooth the back spot from her garments, and asks her to stand them. She says if you live right here then they’ll increase finger on Madhav. She says you could’t go away from here because of Madhav. Vaidehi says i’m tired and might’t combat anymore. She says it is higher for her to go away. Nilambari says if this is your want then i can drop you. Anuradha comes to Madhav and says Vaidehi is leaving the house. Madhav seems on.

Precap: Vaidehi is leaving the residence. Nilambari thinks pass again illiterate lady and don’t return. Madhav asks Vaidehi to prevent and tells that he’s going to no longer let her life ruined and will marry her.


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