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The Episode begins with Chitra scaring Nilambari. Nilambari screams. Madhav and every person come. Chitra goes. Nilambari says I felt someone is right here, the mirrors became having my mirrored image with atypical eyes. Madhav asks her to take rest. She sees Vaidehi with him. They cross. Jaichand says i’m able to write a horror story for my %. He jokes. Its morning, Madhav comes to Nilambari. She finds him married to Vaidehi. He says i have executed second marriage, i have married Vaidehi. every body gets stunned. Narayan smiles.

Vaidehi holds Nilambari’s ft and asks her to bless. Nilambari shouts leave my ft, you aren’t my Bahu, don’t aggravate me, I won’t bless you. She kicks Vaidehi in her dream. She kicks Jaichand while dozing. Jaichand thinks why is she kicking like a horse. Nilambari wakes up and sees him. He complains to her. She receives angry on his drama. He says i’m able to see the tale converting, you wanted to get a heroine for Madhav. She says forestall it, I have to get my Brahmastra out now. The villagers forestall and make way for Nilambari’s guest. Madhav learns approximately the guest. A lady arrives in the village. Madhav seems at her. He is going to peer her. He asks her to give facet and allow others find a way. a few guys see her and come to misbehave. The lady says I m donating garments to people, come in a line. the man pulls off her dupatta.

She falls back. Madhav holds her. He asks the person to give the dupatta. the person argues. Madhav beats him and asks him to examine respecting women. He returns the dupatta to her. He says you purchased a sprain in foot. She says yes, i can name Nilambari. Vaidehi decorates the plate and suggests to Narayan. She says I should cross temple now. Narayan says I want to recognise if Madhav told you something approximately marriage. She says he cherished Chitra plenty, I make errors, he is ideal, why could he marry me. She says I do all of the paintings nicely, but Madhav isn’t thrilled. She asks Narayan to take rest. She goes to temple. The female thanks Madhav. He says I m elder son of Nilambari, I m Madhav. She asks what a wonder, I m Shweta, I m daughter of Bhanu Shukla, great friend of Nilambari. He says k. he takes her to his automobile. Vaidehi sees them and thinks who is this female with Madhav.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Nilambari says its not smooth to control Madhav. Shweta asks her no longer to fear, it’ll manifest as they planned.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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