Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Madhav saying this journey isn’t finishing, this has become a struggling. Vaidehi says I m playing the adventure. She prays. He says I understand you don’t need me to get the motorcycle. She asks him to visit police station and ask them. He says sure, come, we are able to report the document. She says you will simply do what I say. they arrive to the police station. Vaidehi tells their story to inspector. He gets interested to know extra. they are saying we had been going to haveli. Madhav says Delhi. Inspector asks what’s the truth. Vaidehi asks Madhav no longer to say something. Vaidehi tells her stupid tale. Inspector says you are safe here. He scolds Madhav. Madhav says i’m able to give an explanation for you. Inspector Hoshiyar Chand scolds him for taking gain of innocent woman. he’s taking the record. Madhav signs and symptoms what.

Hoshiyar says I wrote the record, now i’m able to take action. Vaidehi asks him to take action proper now. Hoshiyar says fine, you’re under arrest. Madhav says my name is Madhav, why are you arresting me. She says yes, he didn’t do some thing. Hoshiyar says she blamed you and now she is feeling awful for you, she will get justice. Madhav receives arrested. Nilambari calls Anuradha and says i have to speak to Sangram. Sangram tells Rani that his mum made him stroll on wrong route, his mum is sort of a Chudail. Rani says you are right, mummy is jealous of me, I look extra lovely than her, what is going to she teach me. Jaichand says yes, she gave the look of a Daayan to me. Anuradha looks on. Nilambari hears them. Anuradha says Sangram went for a bathtub. Nilambari says I heard the entirety, provide smartphone to them. Anuradha asks Sangram to speak to Nilambari. Rani says don’t talk to mummy. Shweta says sure.
Nilambari scolds Sangram for his nonsense. He says no, i used to be simply acting. He receives slapped and says I hate you mum, I don’t need to talk to you. She asks what came about to you. He says I were given stuck, in which shall i’m going now, Chitra will kill me. Shweta says yes, its enough, I came here for money, I m no longer your relative, I m going. Madhav says my motorcycle is stolen, I got here to document that report. Hoshiyar says you could inform anything but in court docket. He sees the equal goons in the mobile. The goons funny story on him and welcome him. Madhav argues and threatens the goons.

Shweta receives scared whilst Chitra problems her. She asks Chitra to leave her. She apologizes. Rani and Jaichand also get scared when the lighting fixtures flicker. They get locked within the room. They knock the door. They shout to Sangram. Sangram receives scared and knocks the door, shouting to Anuradha. Shweta is also locked up. Anuradha tries to open the door and says I m attempting, however the door isn’t starting. Vaidehi scolds Hoshiyar. He says Madhav could be in lockup nowadays. Vaidehi breaks things round. He asks her to prevent it. She asks him to do some thing, she has broken the govt. belongings. Hoshiyar puts her in lockup. Madhav sees her. The goons smile. Madhav asks what’s all this. She says they arrested me also, I came right here for a motive, i have damaged things to get right here in lockup. Madhav asks did you get mad. She asks might I depart you by myself right here. She sees the goons and receives scared. Madhav stops the flirting goon and warns him. Vaidehi slaps the goon.

Precap: Madhav and Vaidehi try kiddish things. someone comes to assist. Sangram shouts. The door opens. Nilambari receives the box home. She says Chitra is doing all this, but her recreation is over. Chitra issues.


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