Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Maha Maya is going to consume snake kechuli in the flame and tosses it in havan, simply then an overwhelming breeze originates from window. The havan fire moves towards Maha Maya. She is going to black out. Adhiraj sets off the flame and takes Maha Maya from that point. Mohini thinks Mata Mansa have done this. Bhujang trusts Mohini is protected at this point. Chander says what did you do, you can’t utilize your capacity till morning. Bhujang says Maa Mansa will deal with, and what is progressively significant is Mohini’s triumph and life and approaches them to petition God for her and make her object of worship. The kid comes and says icon is made. Bhujang takes a gander at the snake icon, yet it breaks. Bhujang says I will tell you the best way to stick it back and says similarly as Mohini makes icon, at that point diya will illuminate. The kid says Mohini didi can’t acknowledge rout.

Bhujang approaches everybody to petition God for Mohini with the goal that she can finish her puja. Mohini carries the sand to her room and make snake symbol. Adhiraj comes there. Mohini gets alarmed. He gets inside the room and finds facepack all over. She chastens him for going into her room in night. He says he is getting excrement smell. She says this isn’t excrement, yet not soil. She asks will I concern you and causes him to go. She supposes no Adhiraj or Maha Maya can stop me. Mohini’s light lights up. Bhujang and everybody are upbeat. He says she is prepared with the icon and says we will cross the undetectable entryway with Mohini and will see Mata Mansa. He says we will go.

Maha Maya gets suspected about Mohini. Adhiraj swathes her hand and says do you trust me now? Maha Maya says I have seen with my eyes, that kechuli, ittar smell and that bhawandar which destroyed my arrangement. She says in the event that she is icchadhari naagin, at that point I will accomplish something which you can’t think even in your fantasies. She requests that he go out and remain outside the entryway. She says until I ask you, don’t come inside and don’t give anybody a chance to come inside. He goes out and shuts the entryway. Mohini supposes I have no saree with orange shading. She supposes puja won’t occur without it. She supposes on the off chance that I don’t reach there by 12 am, at that point the sanctuary entryway will be shut.

She wears white saree and thinks Mata mansa won’t acknowledge her puja as she is wearing white saree, yet she will arrive at the sanctuary before 12 am. She leaves her room. Jaichand is painting the entryway orange. Rani inquires as to why you need my cut my nose. Jaichand says I am sparing your life and shows what is written in the book. He says in the event that he hues the entryway with Kesari shading, at that point they will be spared from phantoms.

Rani requests that he give the shading pail. Mohini comes there. The shading water falls on her. They think her as phantom and flee. Maha Maya does the enchantment and takes out blade from the hued water. She calls Adhiraj. Adhiraj comes there. Maha Maya says we need to go to wilderness now, this isn’t a conventional time, however Naagpanchami time. She says all naags will go now to the imperceptible entryway and in the event that Mohini is a naagin, at that point she will likewise go, we need to catch her in the act and execute her there. She says today they will kill even Bhujang. Mohini is in the wilderness and thinks to arrive at the imperceptible entryway by one way or another. Maha Maya and Adhiraj go to the wilderness and see Mohini running, yet don’t see her face. Mohini is running and thinks today her puja won’t be deficient. She sees Adhiraj and Maha Maya coming there. She runs again and covers up. Maha Maya sees her and tosses malice blade on her back. Mohini gets harmed, yet keeps on running. Maha Maya says she should be here, she will get frail and will lose her forces. Mohini couldn’t progress toward becoming naagin to escape and thinks what’s going on. She takes cover behind the trees. Maha Maya sees her orange saree and signs Adhiraj.

Precap: A voiceover tells that what is Maha Maya’s genuine’s symbol which Bhujang and Mohini don’t have the foggiest idea. He says in the event that they will be fruitful to do puja.


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