Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Satya is going to live with Samar’s own family. Rama congratulates her for double properly news. Satya thinks Jaya and Samar knowledgeable family about her pregnancy. Samar thinks sasumaa is misunderstanding. Satya sits and thank you Rama for reaccepting her in their own family. She sees apple, Rama says it’s far for Jaya as she desires wholesome weight-reduction plan at some stage in her being pregnant. Satya says she will put together more healthy snack for Jaya and asks Prabha and Rama to accompany her. Samar informs Jaya that sasuma thinks family is aware of about her being pregnant. Satya prepares laddoo praising its nutritious values and asks Rama and Prabha to taste. Prabha asks even if she isn’t always pregnant, tastes it and says it is very tasty. Satya continues praising laddoos and offers them to Jaya announcing they both can consume it till nine months. Rama asks why she desires to devour laddoos. Satya says if the forgot even she is pregnant.

Rama and Prabha stand taken aback. Satya asks in the event that they did not understand about it. Rama says no and tries to leave. Samar stops her and protecting Satya says he is proud that his sasumaa is pregnant and does no longer have any problem with it. Dadaji and Chachaji additionally stroll in. Samar informs his sasumaaa is pregnant. Rama says she is glad to pay attention Satya is pregnant, but is surprised why her devrani, more youthful sister, and buddy Satya did not screen news to her first. Lallan jokes an 80-year-old guy in his neighborhood have become father and his spouse is forty years antique. Dadaji says once they didn’t thoughts in those vintage days, then why have to they trouble now, it is in reality an amazing news. Rama says she is proud to look Satya giving beginning to a brand new lifestyles at this antique age. Samar addresses audiences and asks what will his infant called his chachi and sasuma’s toddler.

next morning, Samar sees Jaya and Satya oversleeping and asks them to awaken for their exercising session. Satya says allow her sleep for five greater mins. Samar performs disguise and searching for with sunrays on Jaya’s face. Rama walks in and says she needs him to be a pleasant father, which she is sure he’s going to; his toddler will now not recall what gifts he offered her/him, however what excellent upbringing he gave her/him. Samar nods yes. Rama says let pregnant girls rest as it’s far vital for them. Samar allows them to sleep. Rama wakes up later and asks Samar why did no longer he wake them up. Samar says maa told pregnant ladies want extra rest.

nine months bypass. One night time, Jaya feels labor pains and calls Samar. Satya says Jaya’s water bag broke and that they want to hurry her to medical institution. Samar says own family has gone for a wedding. Satya says she will be able to assist him, however even she gets hard work pains. Samar rushes them to hospital. after someday, nurse brings a toddler and congratulates Samar for becoming a father. Samar thanks her. every other nurse brings every other infant and congratulates him once more. Samar asks which one his his baby. Nurses say one is girl and one is boy. They both begin preventing. Samar asks to prevent combating and inform which one is his infant. medical doctor comes and informs he got a infant female and Vicky a baby boy. Samar rejoices. He walks into Jaya and Satya’s room and congratulating them says his toddler looks as if Jaya and he needs her to be like Jaya, however have to now not threaten husband to depart him and go to her figure’s residence, then apologizes Satya for his comment. He then describes his child his and Jaya’s love story.


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