Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 12 Jul episode starts with Prabha inquires as to whether she isn’t pregnant, tastes it and says it is extremely scrumptious. Satya keeps applauding laddoos and offers them to Jaya saying the two of them can eat it till 9 months. Rama inquires as to why she needs to eat laddoos. Satya says if the overlooked even she is pregnant. Rama and Prabha stand stunned. Satya inquires as to whether they didn’t think about it. Rama says no and attempts to leave. Samar stops her and holding Satya says he is glad that his sasumaa is pregnant and does not have any issue with it. Dadaji and Chachaji additionally stroll in. Samar illuminates his sasumaaa is pregnant.

Rama says she is glad to hear Satya is pregnant, however is shocked why her devrani, more youthful sister, and companion Satya did not uncover news to her first. Lallan jokes a 80-year-elderly person in his neighborhood moved toward becoming dad and his better half is 40 years of age. Dadaji says when they wouldn’t fret in those past times, at that point for what reason should they trouble now, it is in reality an uplifting news. Rama says she is pleased to see Satya bringing forth another life at this maturity. Samar addresses crowds and asks what will his youngster called his chachi and sasuma’s tyke.

Samar sees Jaya and Satya sleeping in and approaches them to wake up for their activity session. Satya says let her rest for 5 additional minutes. Samar plays find the stowaway with sunrays all over. Rama strolls in and says she needs him to be a best dad, which she is certain he will; his tyke won’t recollect what blessings he got her/him, yet what great childhood he gave her/him. Samar gestures yes. Rama says let pregnant women rest as it is important for them. Samar gives them a chance to rest. Rama gets up later and asks Samar for what good reason did not he wake them up. Samar says maa told pregnant women need more rest.

Nine months pass. One night, Jaya feels work agonies and calls Samar. Satya says Jaya’s water sack broke and they have to surge her to medical clinic. Samar says family has gone for a wedding. Satya says she will support him, however even she gets work torments. Samar surges them to clinic. after at some point, nurture brings an infant and compliments Samar for turning into a dad. Samar expresses gratitude toward her. Another medical attendant brings another child and salutes him once more. Samar asks which one his child.

Medical attendants state one is young lady and one is kid. The two of them begin battling. Samar requests to quit battling and advise which one is his youngster. Specialist comes and educates he got an infant young lady and Vicky an infant kid. Samar cheers. He strolls into Jaya and Satya’s room and complimenting them says his infant looks like Jaya and he needs her to resemble Jaya, however ought not compromise spouse to leave him and go to her parent’s home, at that point apologizes Satya for his remark. He at that point depicts his infant his and Jaya’s romantic tale.

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